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Also known as

The Floating Muncher, -Morshu-, SparkyTheHedgehog3, Zalleo, Uboa



Knows of

Join date

September 20, 2008


April 8, 1997

Known For

Hacking, posting in the forums.

Zerio is an active user on SMW Central. He also sometimes visits the IRC.



Zerio currently is working on seven hacks, which are as following.

Talikuu Quest 2

The sequel to Zerio's earlier hack, Talikuu Quest. It will have much more ExGFX, Custom Sprites/blocks, and hopefully some ASM.

Zerio - A Hero's Beginning

Another hack by Zerio where you play as Zerio (the character) This hack mainly focuses on level design. Only one custom sprite and one custom block is used so far.

Kaizo Zerio World

This is Zerio's "secret" project, which is, of course, a Kaizo (extremely hard) hack, which also uses custom sprites and blocks. This hack (obviously) focuses on its very hard difficulty.

Waluigi's Wager

This is Zerio's latest hacking project, where you play as Waluigi. It uses Construct101's Waluigi player GFX. Its graphics have a more "realistic" look than that of most other SMW hacks.

Serath the hedgehog

This hack is based off of Zerio's Sonic fancharacter, Serath the hedgehog. He hardly ever works on this hack, and doesn't even have one level done yet.

Mario - Bowser's Secret Weapon

This hack is rather story-based, but the first world has little to no story. The levels are mostly vanilla, save for some minor GFX edits such as flat walk-through ground bottoms, more grass tiles for the castle, etc. Some ExGFX may be used.

Untitled Hack

A hack with no name as of now, which you play as one of Zerio's characters, named Koro. It's going to be largely story based, but currently has very little story.



Zerio's job is unknown.


He looks similar to Mario, except he's wearing a light blue, tattered hat, a light blue shirt, purple overalls, and red shoes with white stripes. He also has a rare case of heterochromia, where one eye is red and the other is blue.


Zerio has a few noteworthy powers.

One of which is one of which is the ability to multijump. He needs to collect a multijump card in order to activate this a ability.

Another one of his abilities is the ability to manipulate electricity. He needs to collect an elec flower to gain this ability. When in elec form, Zerio has a yellow hat and shirt, and light blue overalls.

Zerio also has some undiscovered powers...

Other Characters


(NOTE: Zerio is planning on changing his name to a more creative one)

Nineigi is Zerio's brother. He has no hat, an orange shirt, and green overalls. He is almost always holding a bottle of soda, and is very hyper.

He is very fast and has high agility.

Mecha Zerio

Mecha Zerio is a mysterious robot that highly resembles Zerio. It has attacked Zerio a few times, but Zerio has defeated it every time.

Its creator is unknown.

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