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Also known as

Lady of Incompleteness, AlyssatheBoo, RydiaPrismriver, AYIPrincess, AmethystYoshi, Zeldara, ZeIdara109, Cirno of the Eternal Darkness, CirnoEternalDarkness, AlyssathePrismriver, Kaydastar, 8977


It's a secret :-)                 

Knows of

Yoshi's Island hacking, random SMW hex-edits, how to make a good hack that's full of blatant level edits and graphical glitches

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2009-10-21... wait... That's the date she created her YouTube account!

Known For

Zeldara's Glitch City, Kamek's Revenge 2.0, being extremely random and unconventional, writing extremely long descriptions/messages

Zeldara109, self-declared Lady of Incompleteness etc., is a YI/SMW hacker who's fairly active on YouTube (her YouTube channel can be found here).

She's also been a staff member at SMWCentral since 2011-1-25. She was promoted for the YI hacking forum, but the resulting boost in confidence resulted in her going on a posting spree, making ^00 posts in 4 months, which she got somewhat embarrassed about. She's now back to her usual activity levels though.

She normally has quite a lot to say regarding just about anything (and in fact has the longest YouTube channel description that she or anyone she's asked has ever encountered). However, she did not feel like creating an entire user page on the day she created her SMWiki account (she did write an incomplete version, though).

Zeldara's hacking projects

Zeldara likes to work on quite a lot of projects at the same time (hence the "Lady of Incompleteness" title). This is a list of all of them she can currently remember (whether in-progress, on hold, not started, complete, canceled, or indeterminate status), in no particular order (well, somewhat in order of importance)...

  • Zeldara's Glitch City: Legend of the 6 Glitch Switches

"Hi, and welcome to Zeldara's Glitch City! This hack is full of blatant level edits and graphical glitches! Yay!!!"

Zeldara's Glitch City is designed to be a very strange, unconventional, and otherwise confusingly random SMW hack that attempts to lead people's expectations in one direction, then go off in another direction entirely.

It also focuses on level design as well as strangeness.

Zeldara prefers not to call ZGC a "joke hack" due to the term having quite a negative connotation at SMWCentral (being more equivalent to "badly designed hack full of annoying palettes and bad spelling/grammar that is being declared a joke hack as an excuse not to improve it"). (Unfortunately, she did not realize this at the time of demo 89, leading to a variety of negative responses until some people actually played the hack, then plenty of compliments afterward.)

The current demo, known as Zeldara's Glitch City demo 147, has been available for download since May 2011.

Zeldara had planned for demo 89 to be the final demo before the full version (6 worlds is long enough), but as she had become dissatisfied with the quality of certain parts of demo 89, she has released an improved, 7-world demo 147.

  • Yoshi's Island: Kamek's Revenge 2.0 (a.k.a. YIKR2)

After becoming quite dissatisfied with the glitches in Kamek's Revenge (her favorite YI hack), Zeldara decided to create an improved version...

More accurately, after finishing her YIKR1 99.2% playthrough, Zeldara decided to open Kamek's Revenge in Eggvine to find the locations of the items she missed. Then she decided to make some minor changes to make the missing items possible to collect... then fix the glitched Middle Rings as well... and fix every other occurrence of vanishing items... and make the levels more fair overall... and re-locate some of the bosses... change the music in some levels... make the tilesets/palettes more consistent within each level (especially castles)... reduce the overuse of stone blocks... rename some of the levels... re-center the level titles... Oh, and ask for (and receive) S.N.N.'s permission sometime during that process.

You can see how it progressed, turning what she had believed to be a 2-month project into a year-long project. (There were so many changes she felt like making that, even though the glitch-fixing progressed very quickly, YIKR2 has still remained in-progress for quite a long time. In fact, the only change that did not progress quickly is the creation of Extras 3 to 6, due to Zeldara's relative lack of experience at the time.)

The YIKR2 thread at SMWCentral can be found here: [1]

  • Alyssa's Unlikely Trap

A SMW hack that is quite the opposite of Zeldara's Glitch City. It's a SMW hack with an emphasis on level design, difficulty, storyline, and overall attempting to feel like SMW... or at least, a darker, alternate take on the events of SMW. More details can be found here: [2]

For the first year after it was announced, not much about it was publicly revealed, except for this video... (Just what is this trap, and what is so unlikely about it? Tee hee hee...)

  • A Timely Change

Zeldara's main YI hacking project... or at least it would have been if she hadn't been prioritizing other hacking projects due to a lack of YI level ideas.

It may or may not be planned to surpass the difficulty of YIKR in the later worlds...

A joke SMW hack released on April 2nd, 2010 (since the testing took a bit too long to release on April 1st). Her intro message ("This is TSRPR with TSRP1 graphics! Why did I do this?") basically explains the entire hack... or at least the first two worlds, as the hack was only "unreloaded" up to Flowerless Fort (including Green Hill Zone). (The remaining levels contain a combination of original and reloaded graphics.)

Contains 120 exits total, as well as a few randomly added message blocks containing comments by Zeldara109.

One of the laziest SMW difficulty hacks ever. Created in about 5 minutes in July 2010 the night before Zeldara was about to leave on a vacation. Contains 7 levels (including the final battle).

Have you ever wanted to speed through a 3rd-generation Pokémon game (or five) with little to no in-battle effort on your part? Well, this patch may be the solution!

Unlike what the name may imply, Pokémon levels are not modified at all. However, trained Pokémon level up insanely quickly.

Includes separate patches for each of the Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald versions.

(On a semi-related note, Zeldara109 often wonders if anyone other than her bothers to write the "é" in "Pokémon".)

The first level of SMW2+2, ported to SMA3. (This was done manually, before adolif2's SNES-to-GBA level converter existed.)

A 1-level joke YI hack with the same philosophy as Zeldara's Glitch City, created for TLs4's MATH2 contest. Zeldara intended to keep it private until after TLs4's live stream, but when the live stream still hadn't occurred after a month, she decided to release 19KtKd02 publicly.

  • Alyssa's Unlikely Trap 0: Mario's Adventure Through Isle Chaotica: Blatant Level Edition

A SMW joke automatic hack that Zeldara started, but abandoned soon afterward. Several months later, she discovered a video of it and wondered why it seemed so strange, as the real AUT1 is not a joke hack at all.

  • Zeldara's Glitch City -1/2 (tentative title)

A not-yet-started YI hack sequel to Zeldara's Glitch City, following a similar philosophy...

  • AUT2 (tentative title)

The sequel to Alyssa's Unlikely Trap, which may or may not exist at some point in the future. It's tentatively called AUT2 for planning purposes, even though Zeldara considers it not particularly likely that the potential sequel would be called Alyssa's Unlikely Trap 2.

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Darkening Light (tentative title)

Who knows what this was supposed to be? Whatever it was, it was canceled (or put on indefinite hold) due to lack of a good ALttP editor.

A mini-level submitted to the SMWCentral 9th door contest (a.k.a. 24hosmw). Surprisingly enough for Zeldara's first serious contest entry, it received 9th place overall.

Characters created by Zeldara109

Note: This section is incomplete, and will most likely remain that way due to spoiler reasons until Zeldara decides to reveal more information about her hacking projects (at least for the characters that appear in them).

  • Alyssa the Boo

Alyssa the Boo, sometimes spelled AlyssatheBoo, is a Big Boo boss. Not much has been publicly revealed about her yet, though it can be inferred that she'll have a major role in Alyssa's Unlikely Trap.

However, Alyssa does have a YouTube channel, notable for having subscribed to many of Zeldara's other accounts. As Alyssa states in her channel description:

Tee hee hee... I am a random Big Boo boss created by Zeldara109... I have more HP than your average Big Boo boss... And I like to say "Tee hee hee..."

Alyssa has also made various appearances as a recurring boss in Zeldara's Glitch City, though this can be considered non-canon.

  • Kamala

Kamala is a Magikoopa and the main antagonist of A Timely Change. Along with a few Toadies, Kamala stole Bowser's Flying Fortress (the random time-traveling fortress from Yoshi's Island DS; it was unguarded because Bowser considered it non-canon and forgot about it), and used its spacetime abilities to travel back in time and send the green Yoshi and Baby Mario to the 11¼th dimension, initiating the events of A Timely Change...

  • The Amethyst Yoshi

The Amethyst Yoshi, a Yoshi's Island princess, is one of the playable Yoshis in A Timely Change. Not much else has been revealed about her yet, however.

  • Cirno of the Eternal Darkness

Zeldara's take on the Cirno personality, with some Eternal Darkness (world 8 of ZGC) mixed in. Cirno of the Eternal Darkness claims to be from Eternal Darkness 9, despite Eternal Darkness only containing 8 levels. She has also said various other things, such as that she has perfect math skills, that 8 times -1 is 9, that she doesn't like seeing her world glitched up, "Meow", and that she makes perfect sense. In addition, she apparently has an inability to defeat Marisa.

She has a YouTube channel at CirnoEternalDarkness, and also sometimes goes by the name "The π maniac".

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