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ZSNES (SNES Emulator)
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Use(s): Playing SNES games, testing ROM hacks, pretending you're debugging ROM hacks
Developer(s): zsKnight, _Demo_, others
Platform(s): DOS, Win32, IA32 *nix, Intel Mac (unofficially)
Latest Version: 1.51 (released Jan. 29, 2007)
License: GNU GPL v2
Home Page: http://www.zsnes.com
Download(s): Windows, Source
ZSNES's logo.

ZSNES, commonly misspelled ZNES, is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. Arguably the best available in terms of speed. It is outclassed in accuracy by the more powerful bsnes.



This powerful[citation needed] emulator offers quality gaming[citation needed] because it supports Super Nintendo features that were once very hard to emulate (and which were unavailable just a while ago[outdated?]), such as DSP1 emulation in Mario Kart, SuperFX emulation in StarFox and now even Cx4 emulation like in Megaman X3. ZSNES also supports the ability to rewind to a certain limit in your game and is very easy to manage saves. The sound is also great as ZSNES allows some special tricks like sound interpolation and a low pass filter. You can get 44khz Stereo sound with ZSNES (you must have a fast PC for that).

Unusual Features

ZSNES contains elements like a rewind key and a "slowdown" key. Also this emulator has a customizable theme. You can set your own menu background to snow (default), water 1, water 2, flame and others. You can control the color of these animated backgrounds too by adding any percent of red, green and blue. You can also disable certain graphics layers of the game. Finally when you create a recording you can customize your recording.

Also, on April Fool's Day, ZSNES displays a welcome screen with crazy messages like "winners don't use drugs", "have you hugged your software developer today?", and "excessive use of ZSNES will cause aliens to suck your brains out through your nose".


The Windows version of ZSNES requires version 8.0 or higher of DirectX control in order to run properly.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus detects a Trojan virus on the emulator when it's running.

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