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You can call him "Yoshi" or "YoshiF" if you'd like



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December 23, 2010 7:56:01 PM MST



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Making strange hacks, his Yoshi obsession

Yoshifanatic is the Yoshi obsessed person who is the creator of Mario's Strange Quest and Yoshi's Strange Quest. He is the 13743rd user to register on SMWCentral, who registered on December 23, 2010.


SMW Hacking History

Yoshifanatic started hacking Super Mario World back in October 2010, when he saw videos of custom Super Mario World levels being played, and was inspired to make a few of his own. He made quite a few levels, in a SMW ROM that he called "Super Mario World Custom", though most were blatant edits of the original Super Mario World levels. He decided to start over again at one point, because he wasn't satisfied with some of the levels he made (though he did keep some of the levels he made that weren't blatant level edits) Eventually, he decided he might as well submit a hack with those levels as a hack, titled Super Mario World Custom 2 (aka Mario's Strange Quest V1.0, as it's known now). It was about as good as you'd expect from a first hack (as in, not great). Since then, Yoshifanatic's skill at hacking Super Mario World has increased to the point where he understands how to do most things, except creating complex ASM and music porting, though he is working a bit on both of those. He has currently made two hacks: Mario's Strange Quest V1.6 and Yoshi's Strange Quest V1.2.

YoshiTech Productions

While talking with his buddy, Mastertech2020, Mastertech2020 came up with some ideas for Yoshi's Strange Quest that Yoshifanatic may or may not be able to implement in that hack. These ideas could potentially be turned into their own game, so Mastertech2020 decided that he and Yoshifanatic should team up and work on such a hack sometime in the future. Mastertech2020 decided to name this collaboration between him and Yoshifanatic "YoshiTech Productions".

About Him

Yoshifanatic enjoys hacking Super Mario World, despite it's occasional frustrations. His favorite aspect of SMW hacking is thinking up some silly idea, then finding a way to implement it. As for other things he likes to do, he likes to play video games (mostly Nintendo games), go swimming, go bowling, and draw.

Video Games

This is what Yoshifanatic likes to do the most out of all the things he likes to do. Yoshifanatic has been a gamer since he got an SNES when he was about 6. Yoshifanatic mostly sticks to Nintendo consoles and games, though he has played other series that Nintendo didn't make (The Sims, Scribblenauts, Rollercoaster Tycoon, etc.), and has a few consoles that Nintendo didn't create. Some of his all time favorite games are Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Metroid Prime, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Yoshifanatic is a huge fan of Yoshis, hence why he chose his username. He has been a fan of Yoshis for about 13 years so far, and he likes pretty much everything about them, from their appearance to what they do (go ahead, think about anything about Yoshis. Chances are, Yoshifanatic will think that that aspect of Yoshi is cute, funny, awesome, or a combination of any of these three things). If you want to be on Yoshifanatic's good side, you ought to be a Yoshi fan as well, though he doesn't mind if you're not. If you hate Yoshis, then you are better off leaving Yoshifanatic alone.


Yoshifanatic has a Youtube account (linked to below), where he is known as Yoshifanatic1 (The name "Yoshifanatic" was already taken on Youtube), which he started on January 30, 2011. There isn't much to say about Yoshifanatic's channel, since he mainly uses his channel to post videos of his ROMhacks, and not much else. Most often when he is on Youtube, Yoshifanatic is watching LPs by several different LPers, like Azentiger, ProtonJonSA, Chuggaconroy, NintendoCapriSun, Newfiebangaa, and gamercal101. Currently, Azentiger is Yoshifanatic's favorite LPer, followed by ProtonJonSA.


Yoshifanatic has a DeviantART account, where he is known as BiggestYoshifan (Just like with Youtube, "Yoshifanatic" was already taken, though Yoshifanatic isn't sure why he didn't use his Youtube username instead), which he started on April 18, 2011. Yoshifanatic mainly visits DevaintART to check out Yoshi art, but he does sometimes create Yoshi art of his own, in which case, he uploads most of his drawings to his DevaintART account for others to see. However, many of Yoshifanatic's Yoshi drawings are fat Yoshi drawings (two reasons for that. One, he finds fat Yoshis to be cute, and two, those drawings tend to be more popular than his other Yoshi drawings), and he plans on doing more (unless he has ideas for drawings where making Yoshi fat isn't the focus of the drawing) so if you're not into cartoon fatness (or diaper art, for that matter, since he also started doing diaper art), you probably shouldn't visit Yoshifanatic's DeviantART profile.

Currently, Yoshifanatic has three original characters that he sometimes draws, which are Tootshi, Yoshifanatic, and Mac. Tootshi is that Yoshi from Mario's Strange Quest that has a farting problem (all of the drawings that Tootshi is in involve toilet humor) who now wears diapers, Yoshifanatic is Yoshifanatic's Yoshi persona, while Mac is a yellow Yoshi that wants to be as fat as possible.


  1. Yoshibellies is a group on DeviantART that Yoshifanatic and theyoshimaster (who is a user on DeviantART) founded on July 30, 2012. It is a group for Yoshi fans that are also into cartoon fatness, inflation, and/or vore. As of now, it isn't very active yet, but things should pick up once it gets more members that are willing to contribute to the group's gallery. Currently, the group has over 30 members.


Yoshifanatic recently started an account on FurAffinity on October 17, 2012, where he is known as BiggestYoshifan. He primarily did this so he'd have a place to upload some drawings that deviantART wouldn't allow (stuff that involves visible scat or pee in them), though he does upload the other drawings he does to FA so that his watchers over there can see his art. Even though FurAffinity is an art site meant for furries, Yoshifanatic doesn't consider himself a furry, so don't judge him for it just because he has an account there!


Yoshifanatic icon.jpg Yoshifanatic's first avatar that he used on his SMWCentral, Youtube, and DeviantART accounts until he changed it on Sept. 24, 2012.

Yoshi by koshechkazlatovlaska.PNG Yoshifanatic's second (and current) avatar. Yoshifanatic got permission from koshechkazlatovlaska on DeviantART to use this as his avatar.


This is a list of people Yoshifanatic has met online that he considers friends:

- Sowhart/Corruptendo (SMWCentral), slaughterbrother2 (Youtube)

- GeorgeVsSonic (SMWCentral)

- Mastertech2020 (SMWCentral, Youtube, and DeviantART)

- UltraDragonYoshi (SMWCentral, Youtube, and DeviantART)

- TylorTheHedgehog (DeviantART), TylorGoldenYoshi (SMWCentral and FurAffinity)

- IrishSpy33 (DeviantART)

- theyoshimaster (DeviantART), yoshi91455 (Youtube), the_yoshimaster (FurAffinity)

- 900ZMC (DeviantART), ZMCYoshi (Youtube), ZMC (FurAffinity)


- Yoshifanatic's first 187 posts on SMWCentral are written similarly to how Yoshi talked in the Super Mario World Cartoon. The reason for this is because of Yoshifanatic's Yoshi obsession at the time he joined SMWCentral. He decided to stop when he was tired of people complaining about it. Nowadays, Yoshifanatic feels stupid that he even did that, and has learned a lesson where being obsessed with something can cause a person to do stupid things.

- Yoshifanatic has Asperger's Syndrome, which explains some of his odd behaviors and the difficulty he sometimes has communicating with others. However, this may also explain Yoshifanatic's ability to think up strange and unusual (and sometimes funny) ideas that he uses in his SMW hacks.

- Yoshifanatic has a lot of inside jokes. Most of them are seemingly random, but they all come from some idea that Yoshifanatic or the younger of his two younger brothers came up with (usually while playing a video game). Yoshifanatic is willing to share some of them while on the internet, but he won't use them in front of others in person (unless Yoshifanatic is friends with that person). Besides Yoshifanatic and his brother, the only person who has heard of many of them (plus an explanation of where they came from) is Mastertech2020.

- Before Yoshifanatic realized he should have used his Youtube username on DeviantART, Yoshifanatic originally intended for his username, "BiggestYoshifan", to indicate that he was the biggest fan of Yoshis. After a while he realized that he probably wasn't the biggest fan of Yoshis, since there are probably other people that are more obsessed with Yoshi than Yoshifanatic is. However, Yoshifanatic realized that his DeviantART username could be interpreted a second way, which was that he was a "biggest Yoshi" fan. This interpretation is actually better suited for Yoshifanatic since he likes and draws fat Yoshi art. How ironic that the unintended meaning for his DeviantART username that he didn't notice at first was more suited for Yoshifanatic than what he actually intended that username to mean.

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