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Basic knowledge of most fields in SMW hacking

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Moderating hacks, creating Super Mario: The Cookie Crisis, managing A Super Mario Thing

yoshicookiezeus is member of SMW Central. Introduced to Super Mario World hacking in September 2008 through a Youtube-class hack created by a member on an old Super Smash Bros. forum he used to visit, yoshicookiezeus got provided with a copy of Lunar Magic and an SMW ROM by said member and started working on what would become Super Mario: The Cookie Crisis. He discovered Super Mario World Central not very long after, and eventually joined the forums in November the same year to ask a question regarding Dragon Coins and the Map16 editor. The answer revealed the wonderful world of ExGFX to him, and after messing around a bit in YY-CHR and drawing several tilesets of questionable quality, he decided to move on to more advanced non-vanilla subjects; namely, ASM. With help from sprite coding tutorials and other SMWC members, he had soon assembled versions of the Thwimp and Thwomp activated by the ON/OFF switch, as well as his first custom boss: a shell bro with three hitpoints. Since then, he has coded quite a few other custom sprites, including the ever-popular (and somewhat overused) Homing Thwomp, and to this day, coding custom sprites remains one of his favourite parts of SMW hacking. He has also dabbled in graphics design and music porting, with varying results.

yoshicookiezeus applied for a position as a hack moderator during the signups of December 2009, and ended up getting it. He is somewhat of a completionist when it comes to the moderating process, and thus tends to write overly long removal logs pointing out every single minor error he found in the moderated hack.



Super Mario: The Cookie Crisis

The Cookie Crisis is yoshicookiezeus' first hack, and has undergone many revisions since it was first created. The hack is largely based upon each level having its own gimmick, vanilla or not, and is often regarded as quite difficult for being a hack accepted as Super Mario World Central. The current version (which can be found here), containing the first six worlds, has been voted Featured Hack at Super Mario World Central, and Let's Played by quite a few Youtube users. The hack has not been worked on for more than a year, and it is unknown if it will ever be finished.

A Super Mario Thing

A Super Mario Thing is a collaboration hack created by members of the talkhaus community, inspired by Let's Player raocow and managed by yoshicookiezeus. The hack getting accepted and even featured at Super Mario World Central sparked much controversy (just take a look at the reviews on the hack page); the difficulty curve of the hack is all over the place, even approaching Kaizo-esque levels at some places. Needless to say, this didn't go down well with quite a bit of the Super Mario World Central community.


Apart from the two hacks above, yoshicookiezeus has created a number of other levels for various contests and team hacks, most notably Déjà Vu Tower (which won the 2009 Annual SMWC Level Design Challenge), Mining Outpost and Orbital Fortress (both for An SMWC Production), and Running Like Clockwork? (for the yet-to-be-released A Second Mario Thing). He has also created and submitted quite a few custom sprites, and disassembled several sprites for the SMW Sprite Disassembly Project. A list of his works can be found on his SMWC profile page.

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