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Yoshi's Wings are a pair of wings that are usable only when you have a Yoshi. It will transport you to a bonus coin room in the sky and then deposit you back onto the overworld and activate the normal exit, if it isn't already activated. It will also change the color of your Yoshi to blue, unless it already is. There are three pairs in the game.

Levels with Yoshi's Wings

Hacking Information

  • The wings aren't listed as a sprite, as it's the Flying Red Coin with extra information.
  • They are one of the possible items available from the ? Block at extended object 35 and Direct Map16 tile 125. The other options are: key, P-Balloon, and a green shell that's filled in with a Koopa.
  • The graphics are stored at SP1 and SP2 and in GFX's 00 and 01.
  • The wings take you to Level C8 if you're on levels 00-FF and 1C8 if you're on levels 100-1FF.
  • If you use this item on Level 24, the game will freeze unless you went to Overworld > Extra Options and unchecked the "Allow Level 24 to redirect screen exits..." option. This is because the game won't know where to take Mario to.


  • If Yoshi swallows the Yoshi Wings while Mario is not riding him, or if Mario jumps off of Yoshi on the same frame he touches the wings, then Mario will be sent to the Flying Yoshi Level without bring Yoshi with him.

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