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Yoshi's Strange Quest
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Yoshi's Strange Quest is Yoshifanatic's second hack and the sequel to Mario's Strange Quest. It's bigger, better, and stranger than its predecessor (or it will be once it's finished).



After the events of Mario's Strange Quest, Yoshi and his sleepy roommate decided to move to a new land so that his eggs could hatch safely and not get stolen again. He settles down in a far away place, called Weirdonia, where he lives happily ever after. Well, not quite. One day, Yoshi asked his friend to watch his eggs while he went shopping. Three hours later, Yoshi found that his friend was asleep and his eggs have been stolen again by someone. Because of this, Yoshi now has to go an adventure in a strange, new land without Mario's help to not only rescue his eggs, but to find Bowser, since he is the only person who has ever wanted to steal Yoshi's eggs.


Like with Mario's Strange Quest, one of Yoshi's Strange Quest's defining characteristics is it's sense of humor. Unlike Mario's Strange Quest, the humor was included from the get-go, so there will not be many levels in Yoshi's Strange Quest that don't have a strange gimmick or theme. Yoshifanatic had a field day in this department, so you'll encounter things like a level that Yoshi refuses to play due to being a blatant level edit, a level where Yoshi's movements are reversed, a level where Yoshi must resist the temptation to eat any of the food in the level, a level where Yoshi rides a soda bottle like a rocket, and many more.


- Yoshi's Strange Quest was one of the first hacks to utilize Jimmy52905's Yoshi Player patch after he released it to the public during C3 2011.


Coming soon.


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