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Yoshi's Island as seen in Super Mario World.

This article is about the World. For the game, see Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi's Island is the first world for the game Super Mario World. As such, it features levels which serve to introduce the game elements to the player without providing much challenge. The island is not entirely linear; from the start the player can choose the left path, which leads to the Yellow Switch Palace, or the right, which leads to Iggy’s Castle and on to the rest of the game.

Yoshi's Island contains the following 7 levels:

ID Name
104 Yoshi's House
105 Yoshi's Island 1
014 Yellow Switch Palace
106 Yoshi's Island 2
103 Yoshi's Island 3
102 Yoshi's Island 4
101 #1 Iggy's Castle

Useful Information

Both Yoshi’s House and the Yellow Switch Palace are Special Message Levels. This can be changed using the Overworld Editor should you choose not to use 104 and 14 for the same purposes. Additionally, Yoshi’s House serves as both the starting level and the ending credits level, though the latter can be changed with a hex edit.

Depending on the sub-map, the enemy “Monty Mole” (Sprite Command 4D or 4E) waits a different amount of time before popping out of the ground. For levels in Yoshi’s Island, Monty Mole waits a fair amount of time. Everywhere else, Monty Mole pops out very quickly.

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