Yoshi's House

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Super Mario World Level
Yoshi's House
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 104
Notes The level is used in the end credits, so don't edit it unless you are creating a custom ending.
Yoshi's Island 1
Yoshi's House
Yoshi's Island 2
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Level 104 goes by the name Yoshi's House in Super Mario World. It is both the starting point of the game and the ending (featured in the credits sequence). Though it looks like nothing much, this level contains a lot of special features, and consequently one should be very careful when editing it.


Level Design

Yoshi's House consists of only the one screen. It is one of only two levels in which there is a "Side Exit Enabled" sprite and no goal (the other is Top Secret Area), and for that matter, it is the only level to contain the Yoshi's House object and the little bird sprites. There is nothing to do in this level except check the Message Box and leave.

Special Information

The Message Box here has a special feature that displays Message 1 when Mario is on foot and Message 2 when he is riding Yoshi. However, if one so desires, this feature can be reassigned to a different level using the Overworld Editor.

Special care must be taken if you choose to edit Level 104. Because the credits sequence uses this level, and displays another layer of graphics over it, the level will look bad if edited too much. It is only possible to change the FG/BG graphics to use ExGraphics if done through the Old GFX Bypass (if you use Super GFX Bypass, the ending will become glitched). Also the level must remain a horizontal level if the original credits are used or the game will freeze. Finally, if you edit the level beyond one screen, you must remove the smoke and fire sprites as they glitch up once the camera moves. Of course, if you don't plan to use the original ending, feel free to modify Level 104 as you like.

Alternatively, it is possible to change which level the credits sequence will use. If you want the credits to load in a level number from 0 through DA, change x1787 to <level# + 24> and change x1789 to 00. If you want it to be from DB through 1DA, change x1787 to <level# - DB> and leave x1789 as it is. If you want it to be from 1DB through 1FF, change x1787 to <level# - 1DB> and change x1789 to 02.

Message Boxes

Message #1

Hello! Sorry I'm not home, but I have gone to rescue my friends who were captured by Bowser. - Yoshi

Message #2

It is possible to fill in the dotted line blocks. To fill in the yellow ones, just go west then north to the top of the mountain.

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