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YY-CHR opening it's default image

YY-CHR is a program that allows you to edit the graphics of a ROM until you see fit. The tool can edit a large quantity of graphics from various gaming programs ranging from GB to SNES.

The device can do many things to aid you in making your graphics, like for example loading a level palette from a emulator save-state, or just your basic copy-pasting.

YY-CHR allows you to edit practically everything in a game graphic-wise, thus there's so many ways you can mess up, so it's best to read the read-me before attempting to edit the graphics, or you're going to be in loads of emotional pain later-on.

There are two versions of YY-CHR in popular usage in the SMW Hacking community right now: 0.98 and 0.99. In terms of functionality, they are pretty much identical in what they can do. However, the interfaces and a few other things are slightly different in the two versions, and as such, some users prefer the older 0.98, while others like to use the newer 0.99. When creating a new file in YY-CHR, they will automatically become a CHR File, so you must rename it to *.bin. This Program is also used to create ExGFX and to insert into ROM Hacks.

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