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Owner: GlitchMr
Channels: #yi, #dimensionproject, #lern2bot, #smwiki and possibly others (if bot is invited)
Most important function: Looking in the ROM and RAM maps of YI

YIBot is c00llame bot made in EggDrop PHP. It can mainly make stuff related to Super Mario World 2 hacking, through it has some unrelated functions.


Usual commands

Every command is prefixed by "!yib" prefix, so bot wouldn't answer when you don't ask it to do it. But, if you're making private messages to it (/query YIBot), you can skip that that prefix.

 !yib rom and !yib ram

Work like in AlcaRobot, except they search in SMW2 ROM. Searching using PC addresses is not yet supported, use !yib addr if you need to use them. It will give link if information is too big.

<GlitchMr> !yib ram $06
<YIBot>    Address not found, showing $7E0000 instead:
<YIBot>    Temp memory for subroutines
<YIBot>    16 bytes, ends at $7E000F.

 !yib postall

This command finds all addresses containing the defined words.

<GlitchMr> !yib postall temp
<YIBot>    --$705800--
<YIBot>    FX temp memory, used for GFX decompression, rendering, ext...
<YIBot>    10239 bytes, ends at $707FFE.
<YIBot>    ------------
<YIBot>    --$7E0000--
<YIBot>    Temp memory for subroutines
<YIBot>    16 bytes, ends at $7E000F.

 !yib addr

Makes convertion between SNES LoRom address and PC address in case you're too lazy to use Lunar Address.

<GlitchMr> !yib addr x14618
<YIBot>    $02C418
<GlitchMr> !yib addr $078241
<YIBot>    0x38441

 !yib calc and !yib math

Very simple command. It takes string and calculated it. Prefix number with $ or 0x if you want to calculate hexadecimal number. Note that this takes calculation priority into account.

<GlitchMr> !yib calc 2+2*0x10
<YIBot>    34 = $22 = %00100010
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