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xxxzzz1 is a SMWC member who spends most of his time on the Yoshi's island forum as he appears to be more skilled in YI hacking than SMW hacking. He created a fairly recent one level SMW hack known as super Mario world the great quest, There is two versions, the normal one and an updated version that fixes the mistakes. He created the Yoshi's island hacking wiki and is an administrator along with Zeldara109 and Yoshis fan. His unique username "xxxzzz1" makes him stick out in the forums.



xxxzzz1 has created one hack called The great quest and an updated version The great quest V.2

He scrapped Mario's early years which is a YI hack, and the chronological sequel to the great quest.

His latest hack was called "Yoshi's great adventure" a approximately five level long hack, two demos were released.

xxxzzz1 recently learnt how to edit the name's of Yoshi's island in transhextion, although he removed some bytes and corrupted his ROM, luckily his hack was complete and his very first 100% completed hack is known as Yoshi's a Hunt, a hack that was released for the Spring C3 and then posted on the Yoshi's island hacking forum.

xxxzzz1's most recent hack is called "cauchemar89's dedication hack" a non linear one level Yoshi's Island hack obviously created for the youtube lets player called cauchemar89 xxxzzz1 is planning to release the new updated version soon on SMWC.


Released hacks include:

  • "Mario's early years" (SMW hack)
  • "Yoshi's great adventure" (SMW 2 hack)
  • "Yoshi's Hunt!" (SMW 2 hack)
  • "Cauchemar89's dedication hack" (SMW 2 hack)

Only Mario's early years and "Yoshi's hunt!" are 100% completed, Yoshi's great adventure is corrupted and Cauchemar89's dedication hack is currently being worked on and should be released in around 3 weeks.

Scraped hacks include:

  • "Mario's early years" (SMW 2) reason: lack of motivation
  • "The great quest continues!" (SMW) reason: lack of motivation

Future hacks include:

  • Unknown Yoshi's island hack.
  • Super Mario All-Stars hack. (Whenever MushROMs is released)

YI hacking wiki

xxxzzz1 created the Yoshi's island hacking wiki and is managed by Yoshis fan, Zeldara109 and xxxzzz1 himself, It is much like SMWiki although it pretty obviously refers to Yoshi's island hacking rather than super mario world hacking, as that is the wiki's purpose.

As of today the Wiki is inactive with 42 pages relating to SMW 2 hacking.

Personal life

Nothing much is disclosed about xxxzzz's personal life outside the internet. He was born in Britain and attends a secondary school in Ireland. He is also keen website creator and knows basic HTML, the code to create web pages.

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