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The forum "World of Insanity" has the forum ID 14, and contains all the threads that are a little on the wacky side. Many threads made in the forum are either for fun, have some sort of gimmick or are just plain weird that they do not belong in any other forum.

The World of Insanity is moderated by Blumiere.


  • All threads created in World of Insanity must have some point. If they do not, they will be closed and trashed on sight.
  • There are stickies in this forum for YouTube videos and hilarious images. If you seriously believe you have found an image or video that requires you to make a new thread, go ahead and make it, but be warned, if it doesn't, rule 1 will apply.
  • We do not care about what post number you just got to. Do not make a thread about your 500th post and any other potential milestone post.
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