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A super happy Wiggler. Yes, he's definitely happy.

Wigglers are giant yellow caterpillars from the game Super Mario World. They have five round segments - one of which is the head, while the rest is the somewhat long body. Each segment has two legs, for a total of eight legs. Wigglers also wear red shoes on all their feet, and have large, black noses. A Wiggler has a single white flower on its head.

Known to make their home in forests, Wiggler is not a very common enemy in Super Mario World. It appears in Forest of Illusion 1 and Outrageous.

Wigglers, both happy and angry.

Wigglers are fairly nice in general, and move about at a relaxed pace. However, if Wiggler's flower is removed, it will become enraged! An angry Wiggler turns red and aggressive, and will charge at Mario relentlessly, trying to make him take damage. At the same time, Wiggler is virtually impervious to damage by jumping or a Fire Flower, only able to be defeated if Mario or Luigi holds Star power, if an enemy is thrown into Wiggler, or if Yoshi grabs Wiggler with its tongue and eats it.

When defeated with a Star, after the player has already accumulated enough kills for extra lives, Wiggler rewards two lives instead of one.

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