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Also known as

WYE, mebamme



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A fair amount of everything

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November 12, 2007


October 5, 1993

Known For

Some rather popular ExGFX, patches and mini-hacks

WhiteYoshiEgg is an 18-year-old hacker from Germany and a staff member on SMWC since April 2009. Since November 2010, he's moderating every forum on SMW Central (though he still concentrates on the hacking forums), as well as the "Hacks" and the "Blocks" section. He is also a WikiMinistrator, so feel free to contact him if you've got problems with the wiki or want to report something.
He's very often called WYE, which he is more than fine with, but he doesn't plan on changing his name to that. Also, on non-hacking boards, he's usually known as "mebamme".


Hacking history

Before 2007

At the age of 11 or 12, WhiteYoshiEgg played a lot of Mario fangames (without having played any real video game before, not even SMW). One of them, "Secret Maryo Chronicles", had a built-in level editor, which he started to make a few levels with. Shortly after that, while looking for "Line Rider" videos on Youtube, he found a video of a custom Super Mario World level called "Mountain Line Riders".


Some time later he learned about ROMs, Emulation and discovered Lunar Magic. However, since he didn't have a ROM at that time, it was useless to him. It wasn't until mid-2007 that he finally found one, and after playing through SMW (it was his first video game, after all), he started making his own, pretty crappy levels. In November 2007, he completed his first hack and registered on SMWC on November 12 to submit it. It was actually accepted at first, but got removed a few weeks after that.
At the end of 2007, WhiteYoshiEgg started learning a bit more about SMW hacking. The first external Tool he worked with was YY-CHR, which he used to change Mario's GFX into Pokey's. In his first post on SMWC, he showed them off and got rather good feedback. He planned on making a hack starring Pokey, which he is actually still working on.


In early 2008, WhiteYoshiEgg started to get less n00bish, improved his English and started to post on SMWC more frequently. By February 2008, he had made his first ExGFX - the Windows 98 Set. He also started learning the basics of ASM through Schwa's tutorial. In May 2008, he took part in the staff applications. He really thought he had a chance at that time, and was quite disappointed when he didn't get a position.
In August 2008, he released the first Demo of "Pokey's Adventure", which got pretty good reviews and actually got into the top 5 list of the highest rated hacks for quite a while. In December, a few months after learning Addmusic, he started creating his own custom songs. However, he fails miserably at porting, and although his custom songs have rather good melodies, they don't sound nearly as professional as other music on SMWC.


In 2009, WhiteYoshiEgg started working on some mini-hacks (namely The Coin Hunt, A Strange Mission and SMB1 Redrawn). Also, on April 22, 2009, he got promoted to a local moderator, which really made his day (and the whole week).
Aside from that, not much happened for him in 2009.


The only major event WhiteYoshiEgg recalls happening in 2010 was his promition to a global mod on November 17.


While WhiteYoshiEgg has contributed various resources for every section, only his hacks are listed here for the sake of simplicity.

Super Mario in Eric Land

WhiteYoshiEgg's first hack, created and cancelled in 2007. As everyone's first hack, it was as bad as it sounds. Due to various mistakes that most n00bs make, it was rejected soon.

Pokey's Adventure

WhiteYoshiEgg's second hack, and still his main one. There isn't much to say about this hack, aside from that fact that the main character is Pokey.

The Coin Hunt

A screenshot from "The Coin Hunt".

A very small secondary hack started in late 2008/early 2009. The concept of this hack is to collect each and every coin in every level before the time runs out. Also, this is quite possibly the first hack to have a Game Boy style - It has black and white graphics, SML2 music and simple types of enemies.

A Strange Mission

Another hack with a unique concept - here, each level provides a different, unique ASM gimmick (hence the hack's title, which abbreviates to "ASM"). One level, for example, lets you play as Yoshi, another one has screen-scrolling doors, and yet another one brings back the FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. Released on December 23, 2009, A Strange Mission was generally very well-received, although there have been complaints regarding the difficulty curve, the shortness and the usage/importance of the gimmicks. WhiteYoshiEgg, himself not all that fond of the hack, agrees with these points.

SMB1 Redrawn

This was meant to be a remake of SMB1 with completely custom graphics, but after WhiteYoshiEgg realized how much they actually sucked, he decided to cancel the hack. A beta of it was "released" to SMWC's file bin in June 2009. Check the "External Links" section for the link to its thread.

WhiteYoshiEgg in real life

This post sums it up well.

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