Wario Land: The Golden Gauntlet

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Wario Land: The Golden Gauntlet
Author(s): Meirdent
Latest Version: N/A
Levels: N/A
Production Status: WIP
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A Wario land series based hack being made by Meirdent. Is this a new hack? NOPE! Meirdent is currently remaking Wario Land 6, he thought it was really sloppy and messy and he now can use Ladida's 32x32 patch and K3fka's Wario Dash patch!



After Captain Syrup had stolen the bottomless coin sack from Wario , Wario quickly hops in the Wario Mobile and drives after her, once he catches up he jumps off his car and onto the Sweet Stuff. Many of Wario's past enemies are on board to! So Wario must use his great abilities to get past them. Finally Wario finds the bottomless coin sack...! but it seems that Captain Syrup has caught him. She stuffs him in a cannon and shoots him far out into the open sea and lands on a strange island, and on that island Wario found an article about something "The Golden Gauntlet". Wario hoping to become more rich sets off to get The Golden Gauntlet!


Wario Land: The Golden Gauntlet is a 2D platforming game just like the rest of the Wario Land series. It has all of Wario's past abilities. There are also 5 worlds, on every last level Wario must collect key things to unlock the door to the boss of that section. Also the health system is exactly like the ones in Wario Land 2 and 3.


One of the main features in Wario Land: The Golden Gauntlet is the various transformations that Wario can go through by getting items. These special powers can at times help Wario overcome obstacles and defeat tough enemies; However, if Wario takes damage, he will transform back into regular Wario.

  • Fire Wario - Wario transforms into Fire Wario by obtaining a Fiery Garlic. Upon obtaining the power-up, his face is heated up, which allows him to spit fireballs. The fire works underwater as well.
  • Jetpack Wario - Wario transforms into Jetpack Wario by obtaining a Jetpack. Upon obtaining the power-up, he is able to fly into the air.
  • Puffy Wario - Wario transforms into Puffy Wario by obtaining a bee (to sting him). Upon obtaining the power-up, he is able to fly into the air only for a limited amount of time.

List of levels


  • Aboard the Sweet Stuff
  • Inside the Tonic Temple

Onyx Opening

  • Barrel Beach

More to come soon...

Bronze Battlefield

None yet...

Silver Stowaway

None yet...

Diamond Dilemma

None yet...

Golden Gateway

  • Golden Gateway
  • Battle for the Golden Gauntlet

More to come soon...


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