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A Volcano Lotus in Donut Plains 1.
Volcano Lotus is a leafy green plant with a conical white stem. Its top rim is lined in red. It sits in one place, and occasionally its stem begins to convulse. This is the cue that it is about to blow. After a short period of time, the Volcano Lotus erupts, spewing four ember-like fireballs into the air, which then fan out and float slowly down. By the time the first set of fireballs has fallen out of sight, Volcano Lotus is ready to erupt again, showering the landscape with more deadly projectiles. Volcano Lotus cannot be stomped and cannot be destroyed with fireballs, but a cape swipe, shell, or slide attack will take them out. Yoshi also loves to eat them.

Volcano Lotus would seem to be related to a similar underwater plant from Super Mario Bros. 3 called Lava Lotus. The Volcano Lotus went on to appear in Super Princess Peach for the DS.

Hacking Information

Volcano Lotus is only usable with the plains sprite set. (GFX09) Its leaves are created from one 16x16 tile, which is mirrored and use palette D. Its stem has three frames, each made of two 8x8 tiles. They are laid atop the middle of the leaf body and use palette C.

Volcano Lotuses can use a lot of processing power, so slowdown can occur if they're used in crowded areas.

Related ROM Addresses

Volcano Lotus' Tilemap

0x16212 [CE] Volcano Lotus's Leaf Tile (16x16 tile that is mirrored horizontally)

0x16208 [8E 9E E2] Volcano Lotus' Stem Tiles (Value is left 8x8 tile. Right tile is the next one over)

0x1625A [35] Palette/GFX page of Frames 1 and 2 of Volcano Lotus's top

0x16256 [39] Palette/GFX page of Frame 3 of Volcano Lotus's stem

Volcano Lotus' Fireball

0x16291 [0C] Extended Sprite used by Volcano Lotus

0x11D94 [A6] 1st tile of Volcano Lotus' fireball

0x11D98 [B6] 2nd tile of Volcano Lotus' fireball

0x11D85 [09] Palette/GFX page of Volcano Lotus' fireball

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