Vitor Vilela

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Vitor Vilela

Also known as

Virus Vilela, CreeperJr



Knows of

ASM, C#, 65c816, Javascript, SA-1, and other stuff

Join date

December 4th, 2009


June 9th, 1998

Known For

Creating tools such as AM4 Player, staying on #serioushax, being a staff member

Vitor Vilela is a recently-promoted staff member of SMW Central. He moderates tools, patches, and the Portuguese forum.

He was a regular user until a bit after the 2012 C3 event. His innovative creations, such as AM4 Player and the SA-1 patch, showed his intelligence and proved he was capable of being a staff member. Also, the Portuguese forum really was in need of a moderator, so his promotion worked well.

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