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A vine tile.

Vines (also known as beanstalks) are essentially used as ladders in the Mario series.


Vine are often shown as having a Jumpin' Piranha Plant head while growing, but the head disappears once fully grown. A vine will grow indefinitely unless a block is above it, in which case the vine will stop there. They originally appeared in the original Super Mario Bros., where they were dormant inside ? blocks, until the player hits the block and they grow upward, often leading to secrets.

Hacking Information

In Super Mario world, they can either be placed as a turn block (extended object command 2B, depends on X position), one that grows automatically once onscreen (sprite command 79), or simply as a tile(standard object command 13). As the growing vines have a piranha plant head, it will change to a jumpin' pumpkin plant head after the completion of the Special World. Under "Change Properties in Header" in Lunar Magic, you can set the Layer 1 (FG) Vertical Scrolling in a level to "No Vertical Scroll Unless Flying/Climbing/etc".

A growing vine in Yoshi's Island 2.


  • Items cannot be normally held while climbing a vine. However, by throwing an item upward and catching while climbing, Mario grab onto it.
  • If a level is completed while Mario is climbing a vine, he will continue to look like he's climbing even while the fadeout is playing.
  • If Mario is riding Invisi-Yoshi while on a vine and it becomes visible, he will start riding Yoshi while still holding onto the vine.
  • If there is a solid block above a vine block when the block is hit, the solid block will be replaced by a vine.
  • If a growing vine gets stuck to Yoshi's tongue via an item swap or lava swap, the vine will continue to produce vines in any blocks it passes through.
  • If a growing vine is then dropped from Yoshi's tongue by getting hit off of Yoshi, the vine will continue growing upwards from there. If that happens to be right next to a line of solid blocks, the vine will replace the solid blocks with vine tiles, but it will not disappear in the process.
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