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Varndts Castle is a hack that was made by Hellbourne around december 2009 to february 2010. It was released on February 18, 2010. It features a RPG-ish gameplay, minibosses, final bosses and custom powerups.




Mario is on his way home from rescuing Peach once again when he sees a strange castle. Did he miss one of Bowsers minions? Curios as always our hero approaches the castle... and stumbles into a new adventure: The evil Varndt, ruler of the castle traps Mario inside. Only by finding four keys Mario can face Varndt and escape back home to Mushroom Kingdom.


As the story implies your object is finding four big keys. These are hidden behind four doors: A green one, a red one, a yellow one and a blue one. After you found all four of them you will be able to fight Varndt himself, who awaits you behind the middle door. In each door (except the yellow one) you can get a powerup after fighting a miniboss.


Red Hot Door

This door features fire, lava and heat. After going through a hot, lava-filles room and climbing up a vertical room featuring wall-jumps you will get to fight a miniboss. After defeating it you get the doors powerup: The double jump. With this item you can reach a new area where you find yourself invisible. Finally you get to fight three flames which can be killed by shells in the same colour.

Green Wooden Door

A forrest-themed door. After going through swamps and forrests you can enter the ruins of an old temple. Here you get to fight another miniboss who gives you the wallrun-ability. Using it you quickly get to the boss: Good old mouser.

Yellow Puzzle Door

This is the only door that doesn't have a powerup. Actually there's not much to say about it. You solve puzzles, fight a miniboss, solve some more puzzles. The only surprise is the boss.

Wet Blue Door

As the name implies this door features water. But first you go into a computer world where you need to find your way avoiding red X-blocks and shrinking blocks. After clearing the water section annd defeating the miniboss you obtain the sky- and marinepop. Make your way through the sky to fight this leve's boss: A press.

Geno's Minigame House

In this place you can recover your health, play some minigames and buy items.

The first game

It's Tetris! Avoid the falling blocks and try to get as many coins as possible.

The second game

A quiz. Get all the questions correct and win a great prize!

The third game

Fight! Can you defeat all the enemies?

The shop

Recover your health at the fridge or buy something from the shop.

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