Vanilla Secret 1

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Super Mario World Level
Vanilla Secret 1
Vanilla Secret 1B.png
Secret Exit? yes
Level(s) # 109, 1F0, 1F1
Notes One of the levels that gives access to star world, shortcut that bypasses most of W3
Vanilla Secret 2
Star World 2
Vanilla Secret 1
Vanilla Dome 1
List of Levels

Vanilla Secret 1 is another Super Mario World "Secret" level, and is the first of four other secret Vanilla Dome levels that open up a shortcut to Castle 4, bypassing the rest of World 3, including Castle 3, and the normal route to Castle 4. The normal exit leads to this valuable shortcut, but the secret exit leads to the Star World, and is one of 5 entrances to this world from the main game.

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