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Vanilla Dome's Submap

Vanilla Dome, the third world of SMW, is located inside the mountain north of Donut Plains and west of the Twin Bridges. It features both an interior and exterior set of levels. The interior set is primarily cave-themed, and features the normal route of levels. The secret route goes to the exterior set, which eventually leads to the first Fortress in the game. Vanilla Dome also has a Star World warp hidden behind a secret exit.

This world is tied with Donut Plains for the most stages at 11. However, where the plains has 15 exits, Vanilla Dome has only 14.

Vanilla Dome contains the following 11 levels:

Vanilla Heights Stages
ID Name
11A Vanilla Dome 1
118 Vanilla Dome 2
11B Red Switch Palace
107 Vanilla Ghost House
10A Vanilla Dome 3
119 Vanilla Dome 4
109 Vanilla Secret 1
001 Vanilla Secret 2
002 Vanilla Secret 3
00B Vanilla Fortress
11C #3 Lemmy's Castle

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