Valley of Bowser 1

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Super Mario World Level
Valley of Bowser 1
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 116, 1E4, 1E5
Notes Arguably one of the most simple locations for a 3-Up Moon
Valley of Bowser 2
Valley of Bowser 1
Sunken Ghost Ship
List of Levels

Valley of Bowser 1 is the first accessible level in the Valley of Bowser, when not counting Star Warps and Chocolate Secret, of which the latter actually belongs to Chocolate Island. This level is situated a little south of the rightmost lake on the Valley of Bowser map, making this level the easternmost accessible level in that world. This level can only be accessed after beating the Sunken Ghost Ship. Beating this level results in going to Valley of Bowser 2.


The scenery starts off in a spacious cavern, where a Mega Mole will greet the player in the first screen. A Chargin' Chuck awaits a little later. One will soon notice these two enemies form the only enemy species in the entire level, and it's filled with them. Beware especially for the Mega Moles, as they can easily catch the player off-guard by surrounding him in large numbers.
After this the cave becomes quite a bit less spacious, and there is a bifurcation: a lower path and an upper path. The lower path is a dead end, but does hold a Yoshi Coin as a reward. Going via the upper path will result in two more bifurcations. The first one has an upper path with a dead end, but again it holds a Yoshi Coin as reward. The lower path bifurcates directly after - in this path, both options are reasonable to take. If the 3-Up Moon which is situated in this level is of importance, then the upper path should be taken.
The upper path only has a few Mega Moles and a Midway Point, whereas the player would also have to deal with the lack of such a Midway Point, as well as the abundance of Mega Moles and Chargin' Chucks, in the lower path. There is, however, a Green Switch Block in the lower path which can be used to gain a Feather powerup. In the upper path, a Mega Mole has to be used to cross the Munchers. After that obstacle, a simple jump has to be made so that the 3-Up Moon can be collected. When that has been done, the paths rejoin once again.
Next is an interesting split-up - the main path is split up in five different paths. The uppermost one contains a few Coins and a Chargin' Chuck, but the one below that contains the third Yoshi Coin in this level. The middle and lowest paths are a road to the finish, but don't go there just yet, for the path between them holds a fourth Yoshi Coin. Note that it is impossible to get up from that path to the middle path due to three Invisible ? Blocks blocking the way. Take either the middle or lowest path to get to the finish.
On the end of those paths, there's an overlap once again. The lone Turn Block contains a Vine which leads up to a ceiling, where a Pipe is located. This Pipe leads to a bonus room. Furthermore, there is a final bifurcation in the paths. The upper path allows the player to go to the end and collect the last Yoshi Coin, the lower path holds a Pipe that warps the player to the Goal Tape, located inside yet another spacious cavern.

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