Valley of Bowser

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Where Valley Fortress lies dormant.

Valley of Bowser is the seventh world and is the final world played in a normal game of Super Mario World. The valley is where Bowser resides and where his castle is located. The Star World warp here is connected directly to Bowser's Castle Front Door, and if one were to access the Star World from Donut Plains, it would be possible to skip the majority of the game and go straight to the final fight.

Valley of Bowser contains the following 9 levels:

ID Name
116 Valley of Bowser 1
115 Valley of Bowser 2
114 Valley Ghost House
113 Valley of Bowser 3
10F Valley of Bowser 4
111 Valley Fortress
110 #7 Larry's Castle
10D Front Door
10E Back Door

Useful Information

  • The Front Door and Back Door are separate levels in Lunar Magic. Both of them activate the same ending sequence, and using the Overworld Editor, it is possible to change which levels trigger the sequence. It is then possible to exploit this and easily make two completely separate final boss fights if you so choose.


  • Strangely, though this world is underground, there are lightning flashes in the background.
  • Technically, the Valley of Bowser also contains Donut Secret 2 and Chocolate Secret. However, those levels are only accessible by means of their respective worlds, and there is no way to get from those levels to the main portion of the valley.
  • In Lunar Magic, you can see an Unused Red Switch Palace to the left of Valley of Bowser 3. This is likely a leftover piece from the original game that wasn't taken out before shipping. It is impossible to reach this level unless the game is edited, and even then, the level contains nothing.
  • The Front Door and Back Door are separate Lunar Magic levels, but essentially are the same thing. The latter level just starts near the final boss, where the former requires the player to progress through a few traps first.

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