Valley Ghost House

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Super Mario World Level
Valley Ghost House
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 114, 1D9, 1DA, 1DB, 1DC, 1DD
Notes Last Ghost House
Larry's Castle
Valley of Bowser 3
Valley Ghost House
Valley of Bowser 2
List of Levels

Valley Ghost House is the last Ghost House the player will encounter if playing the game in the correct order. It can be unlocked by completing Valley of Bowser 2 via the normal exit. It is located in the Valley of Bowser, consists of two exits and is famous for the complicated amount of doors.


The first room is actually very easy to complete, with only one [[Door} to go through at the end of the room. The Green Gas Bubbles return from the Vanilla Ghost House and are still easy to avoid. Once through the door, the player will find themselves on a small platform with a P-Switch which would be used to turn the Coin trails into Used Blocks. After going right, a small corridor filled with door spaced apart by Used Blocks will be encountered. The first one send you back to the beginning. The second one leads to a room with a ? Block with Directional Coins inside. The third and fourth lead to the normal exit, and the fifth leads to a different section of door number two. Getting to the fifth and fourth doors are sometimes tricky as the player needs to make sure the P-Switch doesn't expire. The second door in the previous room however doesn't allow the player to use the P-Switch as it is visible but is separated by a Wooden Ledge that can only be passed through from one side. The P-Switch can then turn the Directional Coins to Used Blocks which can be guided up to the ceiling where the Key and Keyhole can be found. Accessing the small platform where the Key is can be somewhat difficult, especially when not small as Mario needs to fit through the small gap.

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