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Also known as

The Oncoming Storm, Tahixham, growler1109.



Knows of

Hacking Super Mario World, parts of Yoshi's Island and New Super Mario Bros. HTML and CSS for layouts and websites.

Join date

26th March, 2009


September 11th, 1996

Known For

Inventing new types of Userbars, making post layouts, never finishing a proper hack.

TOS, also The Oncoming Storm, is a member of SMW Central. Probably most known for creating may types of Userbars. He is not really that known on SMW Central. With only a few friends, but prefers it that way and has no plans of becoming popular.


The Real TOS

In real life, TOS has a few friends, but does not really hang out with them outside school, as he is busy and does not really have too much time to hang out with friends. He lives in The United Kingdom - England and can be a bit shy, but when he gets to know people better he is OK around them.

The Online TOS

Online, TOS makes Userbars and layouts on request and for fun. He used to own half of Super Mario Team along with Luigi-San, but handed over his half to him when he lost interest in the site. He is a member of JDCGames, as well asSMW Central itself too. x-treme and Tahixham are in the process of designing a forum board software called X-Ham (x-treme and Tahixham). TOS is doing the designing and x-treme is doing the coding. Progress and the actual domain can be found here.


The name Tahixham never actually came from anywhere, it was just a random word TOS plucked out of the sky, and used it. On IRC, you will find TOS under the name Tahixham. He has tried to get his name to Tahixham on SMW Central but has already changed his name twice since the one name change limit rule came into effect.


TOS has managed to create three hacks, and cancelled many others. Hacks he has completed are: The Lost Land, The Lost Land 2 - The 4 Switches, and The Lost Land 3. Plans for a Lost Land 4 where in progress, but never got into a ROM. After them plans, TOS started working on a hack called Super Mario - The Jewel Ring Thief, which started well, but got cancelled as too many bugs found, and most of them were not worth fixing. Then Ogg came along, that was cancelled due to bugs as well and lack of inspiration. TOS is looking for another hack to create, but cannot seem to find any ideas.

TOS on Other Sites

TOS has owned many incarnations of Super Mario Team along with Luigi-San but they never got very active. Like said above x-treme and TOS are now working on X-Ham. You can find TOS on SMW Central and JDCGames, as well as X-Ham in the near future.

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