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Also known as

Fuzzyfreak, Joe13...



Knows of

A sufficient amount of things.

Join date

November 2, 2007


August 12, 1994

Known For

Various ASM hacks (often shown on YouTube), being a moderator on the site, SMAS hacking

This article is about the SMW Central member. For the Koopaling, see Roy Koopa.

Roy, less known as Roy Sax a Canadu, and formerly also known as Fuzzyfreak, DDDFreak or Joe13..., is currently a staff member on SMWCentral.



Before SMWC came into play

Before November 2007

Roy always wanted to make a game of his own, most specifically a Mario game since he grew up with Mario games, but he was unable to do this effectively with his old Windows 98. He did get one of the Game Maker versions to work, but he wasn't really advanced with it. This might also have been because he was also just 11 years old at that time.

Later, he heard of the concept of 'emulation' and saw a rather revolutionary hack for the SMB3 NES by DahrkDaiz. He became interested in this matter, but didn't try it out as he feared his Windows 98 could not handle it.

When he got a Windows Vista on September 29th, 2007, after his Windows 98 malfunctioned a week earlier, and after his internet started working on October 1st, 2007, the first thing he searched for was ZSNES: an emulator of which he had heard before. He supplied himself with ROMs quickly, and the emulation era began for him. Still being interested in the concept of game editing, he searched for a Super Mario All-Stars editor. However, he found none. He found Lunar Magic though, and started working with that instead. Before registering on SMWC, he made two test c.q. garbage hacks. Part of the second hack can be found on his YouTube channel. He registered on November 2nd, 2007, after downloading Tweaker. Downloading this tool was initially the only intention with which he visited SMWC.

First months on SMWCentral

November 2007 - December 2007

Roy found out about new, rather neat tools such as BlockTool and Sprite Tool, which could be used to insert completely new aspects into SMW. He started up a new, third hack, called 'Pokey and Kolorado'. This hack never got finished, though - it got discontinued 13 months later, on December 27th 2008, after having struggled with finishing the first (!) level. However, he regards this as the first serious hack he made. Roy didn't post much during the last two months of 2007, and additionally, most of the posts he made in that period had been made in N00b SMW Hacking, to ask for help and to help others. Ever since the closure of N00b SMW Hacking, these posts cannot be viewed any longer.


January 2008

This is the only time Roy really wanted to leave the community. He was in desperate need of help regarding SMW hacking at the time, yet he couldn't even ask questions properly because of how the board was designed. He became rather dismotivated in SMW hacking, and thus he decided to come back at Mario Kart: Double Dash!! time trialing, which is what he used to be doing since March 25th, 2006.

SMWC comes back, new inspiration

February 2008 and on.

When SMW Central was put back up again in mid-February, 2008, Roy got interested in SMW hacking quickly again.

On March 17th, 2008, he tried to learn how to port music, and a day later, he started learning ASM - he already caught on with hex editing in November 2007, however -, after being inspired by the Advanced SMW Hacking forum, which he visited a week earlier.

ASM was more in his interests area, so he decided to continue with that. He started with coding simple blocks. On March 31st and April 1st, he began coding generators, sprites, eventually to the point where he made a boss: Ferdinand Y. Fuzzy. About half of his posts back then resided in forums such as World of Insanity - and later, Forum Games -, which is something he still is a little bit ashamed of.

This is the period he started contributing to SMW Central as well. His first submission ever was a block that would act like a static Fuzzy. Later, he began to submit things such as patches, and get more specialized in some parts of ASM.

On September 1st, 2008, he changed homes, and thus he took a break until October 22nd, 2008, since his new home didn't have any internet access until that date.

When he came back, he joined Ersanio with the SMAS Disassembly project, of which the goal is to disassemble all of Super Mario All-Stars's ASM data.

On February 28th and March 7th, 2009, Roy and Ersanio held an ASM Workshop. A summary of it was also made.

In September 2010, he was working on An SMWCP's final boss. This, combined with intensified school, other real life business and also several other projects he started up every now and then, proved to be rather intense, which resulted in a lot of absense from the site too, and in mid-November a breakdown. Roy decided to temporarily leave the staff team and SMW hacking as a whole, and quit forever with making projects that lead to nowhere.

In January 2011, after a two-month break, he decided to pick up SMW hacking again by making a hack for himself again this time. He found that this was his ultimate goal on SMWCentral in the end, because he figured that it's a SMW hacking site after all. The hack is called Find Roy's Dignity, and its hack thread can be found here. In late February he was also asked back onto the staff team, together with Lightvayne, and the new promotion of Hadron.

Promotion and functions

On April 21st, 2009, Roy was promoted to a local moderator. At first, he got to moderate Advanced SMW Hacking, the patches, RAM/ROM addresses and the news. On August 3rd, 2009, he also got control over the custom sprites section, and in September 2009, he got control over ROM Hacking. On October 14th, 2009, Roy got promoted to a global moderator, which means he moderates all forums on SMW Central. When the Wiki was brought back up on November 22nd, 2009, he also became a Wiki administrator. Since February 28th, 2010, he also got control of the Blocks section.

From that date on until November 16th, 2010, his functions were:

  • Keeping control over all forums
  • Patches
  • Custom sprites
  • Custom blocks
  • RAM/ROM map
  • News
  • Wiki administrator.
  • Documents
  • Tutorials

On November 16th, 2010, he resigned from the staff team as a result of general lack of interest in SMW hacking, and thus indirectly moderation. His actual functions weren't taken away until at least 24 hours after him resigning. On February 19th, 2011, he returned to the team again, after SMWCentral was in dire need of some ASM moderators. He could do everything he was able to do before, but Tools was also added under his control for a brief moment, something he could hardly do anything with. A couple of weeks afterwards, he swapped Tools with Documents and Tutorials.


At the time Roy joined SMWCentral, he was a 13-year old kid who basically had plenty of time to do various things as he didn't have too many responsibilities at that point. As a result, Roy's activity throughout the years is mostly concentrated in the first few years of his membership.
The first few months were not too active from his side, as he didn't see SMWCentral's forum as an important place for him to hang around at that point. After Nightfall, this changed rapidly. Roy became a regular user in SMWCentral and, excluding the occasional hiatus, remained quite active constantly until somewhere in 2010.
His temporary resignation in November 2010 was the result of a schedule which was filled too much, a sign already that SMWCentral could not take as much an active place in his usual goings as it could before. He came back in January 2011 and on staff again in February 2011, but went another route instead. Instead of taking numerous projects up at once, Roy decided to just stick to one project and work on it sparingly as he simply did not have much time to invest in SMWCentral. This is also the reason that Roy has become exponentially less active on the forums, having made some 700 posts in the time span of March 2011-March 2012, whereas 1500 was a normal amount for Roy in the years before.


Roy founded #serioushax in early August 2008, together with DarthRiko. The channel was intended as a place to ask questions about ASM and SMW hacking.

During the time Roy was taking a break, the SMW Central community moved from CentralChat to Badnik. Thus, #serioushax got registered on Badnik by DarthRiko, who kept his owner powers until March 5th, 2009. After that, Roy reclaimed owner position. In November 2009, Ersanio got +qo as well, which makes #serioushax rather unique in that it has two people with +qo.

The channel also got much more popular over time, with its peaks in Summer 2010, and after that gradually descending again. It's possible that there will be many peaks yet again for Summer 2011. Here's a graph:


On November 16, 2010, Roy decided to leave his full ownership to Ersan, leaving himself with no power. This as a result of his lack of motivation in SMW hacking in general. Another reason was that he found that it was better to leave it to Ersan, considering he really hadn't been too much focusing on rule enforcing the past months. However, he always kept the channel password, so he never really lost power.



- Roy used to be on the Mario Kart community (professional Mario Kart: Double Dash!! time trialing) before joining SMWC. He once even managed to miss out on the World Record of Dry Dry Desert by 0:055 seconds. Hence also why his nickname used to be DDDFreak.

- Roy is insane, or so he says himself. He has a lucky number (17), but also lucky days (Monday and Wednesday) and even a lucky month (March). There was also a time he tried to learn as many digits of pi as possible.

- He kept the nickname Roy ever since he changed it for the last time somewhere in July 2008, while on IRC. At that point he also kept using it for various other websites and programs, including Skype and Kongregate.
The name Fuzzyfreak really only applied from March 2008 until October 2008 (on IRC he had already stopped using that nickname since July). Though since he registered on Jul at this point, he is still known as Fuzzyfreak there. Some people on SMWCentral itself still know him by the nickname Fuzzyfreak.
Joe13... is a temporary nickname that lasted from his join date until February 2008. After that, he found his nick to be rather generic, given that a common nickname formula is *nickname**numbers*. Joe13... referred to his real name (Joe, or Joey) and his age at the time (13). The ellipsis had been used because, at that point, he tended to overuse them.

Notable projects

There are more projects Roy has had, but this list only includes his most notable ones.

Cancelled / Unreleased

  • Pokey And Kolorado. Started on November 2nd, 2007. Got discontinued on December 27th, 2008.
  • Mario: Old Plots, New Villains. Started on March 23rd, 2009. Got discontinued on May 9th, 2009.
  • Z Positioning. A sprite that made Mario's movements simulate a pseudo-3D environment. A few vids about it can be found on his YouTube channel, such as this one. He started on it on July 7th, 2008. The project was frozen pretty much after the linked video was made - July 20th, 2008- , for being limiting, and Roy didn't like how he coded it. He never bothered on working on it anymore, though. WYE made a rather similar RPG overhead system, which he showcased in C3 Fall '09.


In the making

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