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Also known as

Oshog (Gosho spell in reverse order), MasterCodaNovak (MCN for short), Kabuki-Bill, Sorel-Coda, Uboa-7, Reconguyarecool, The-Awesomeness



Knows of

SMW hacking, but not too much, Cave Story, and more!

Join date

December 2011



Known For

SMWiki contributor, but has a little bit of grammar nazi, alway claimed to be somekind of stereotype tear-jerker

Oh, dear... What to do... The giant Ersanimuncher has awaken...

Background Information

Recon-7, also MasterCodaNovak (MCN for short), Oshog, Kabuki-Bill, Sorel-Coda, is a member of SMW Central. He is notable for being the youngest member of SMWC and using his signature as status updater, he also prefer to listening video game music, (especially awesome one)

However. But when the System manage to cause an chaos and havocs on the SMWCentral, he has been randomly chosen by Chester to joined his army. And this time, he has become a soldier that worked for Chester.

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