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Lunar Magic

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October 17th, 2010


November 27th, 1998

Known For

His kaizo hacks

Miguel21450 is a user on SMW Central, a user of JDC Games and a user of SMW Tech. He showoff his hacks, the most of them kaizo hacks, which, unfortunately of them, had been a "almost copy" of Sokobansolver's hacks, but, after an complaint from Botcrazy, he is starting to make original levels. He also helps people with things, talk, and he gives feedback, even to kaizo levels.


How Miguel found Lunar Magic and SMW Central

Miguel has been lurking on Youtube and he did see some videos of hacks and then he was thinking: "How this could be possible?". Then he went to an Brazilian community and he found Lunar Magic! He did use it to create a normal hack and a kaizo hack, similar to Kaizo Mario World, but he didn't had the feel to submit the hack somewhere else. Miguel then found SMWCentral and registered too many accounts, one of them is Miguel32. Then he registered with the username "miguel21450" and he did feel better with it. He also changed his username to Miguel in 1100 posts, but he did change it because he wasn't liking his username.

SMW Central days

As said above, Miguel registered too many accounts. After he registered on his account "miguel21450", he started to post little, but when Sokobansolver (previously known as Kaizokoban) came, he posted more than he expected. At that time, he did post a demo of Kaizo Chaos, but when Miguel did see the kaizo hack "Hertz Donut", he started to copy it. At first everyone did like his second kaizo hack (Fourteen Hitler), but after this and his third hack (Fourteen Hitler 2), some people (even Sokobansolver) complained about he copying Sokobansolver's work, making he cancel some kaizo hacks (like Donut Aggravation and Faceplant). Miguel thought he was a little overboard with his kaizo hacks, and then he is making Save'n State.

Also, Miguel wasn't newbie, as he started to draw his own graphics in hacks, help people with some things and understand basic ASM.


Miguel is a better user, in comparation to what he had done before. His posts are a little maturer now. He has over 1000 posts, and he also used his 1000th post to create a kaizo hack thread, which didn't get much attention at all, since the majority of the community is not a kaizo hacker, but a normal hacker.

Real Life

Miguel in real life is maturer, but he sometimes doesn't like the school he is studying, due to fights, racism, violence and the fact that almost everyone is making him a clown. He will deal with it. Also, he is trying to date a girl whom she was lesbian before, but due to everyone making fun of them, she prefers to not date with him, much to his disdain. He is in 8th grade, and he knows a lot of Math, but he doesn't know, yet, advanced math things.


Miguel wishes to have a girlfriend (since he sometimes is not maturer enough to get one, and the girl he likes, is lesbian, but she keeps changing her dates), finish his hacks to get to his social life, compose a music and be respected anywhere else in real life.

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