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Level Design, ExGFX, Custom Music, Blocks, Sprites, real life

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2010-09-14 12:37:47 PM


December 21th 1998

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General Information

Hi, I'm KevKot, an average user from SMW Central. I like to hack Super Mario World, both vanilla, as chocolate, but I enjoy hacking vanilla much more.

The beginning at SMW Central

I found the page in early 2010 but just lurked there before I made an account. I enjoyed it from the beginning on to be a part of SMW Central.

Hacking Evolution and related Hacks

KevKot made 3 hacks. Here is a list:

- Super Kevin World (nice name spinoff like everyone did ^^) - A 5-world hack where you could access all levels from the beginning and the levels were terrible. No download link. =P

- Bowser Chain Reactor Destruction - Most random name either, the OW is bad, so also are all levels. =/ No download link.

- Marios Supper World - My first good hack, turned out quite well. - Hack Download Link

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