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Welcome to the SMWiki!

We are still rebuilding, but you are welcome to use whatever has been added here in the meantime.

If you have questions about using the wiki, check the MediaWiki FAQ. If you still need help, try #smwiki.

Read these guidelines BEFORE editing!

Make sure to check out the Todo List, Wanted Pages, Short Pages and Stubs. Please help us out with these by expanding upon them.

Tip of the day: When you are bored at school, write a new SMWiki page on a paper or something during your generic break. ~ Ersanio

NOTE: Don't use this to convert the pages from Ulti's backup. ALL of the outputs do not code properly in our Wiki, and cause problems. However, feel free to copy the text itself into new pages. Just don't copy the HTML.

Attention! We've recently to create Base Pages, both to assist users in creating new pages, and to ensure uniformity throughout all of the pages. View the list of Base Pages here.

It is highly advised, for consistency, that all sprites include a table for its ROM and RAM addresses, such as the one in the Fire Flower article.

Random articles that need help.

1-UP Mushroom. Please help this page!
Overworld Editor. Please help this page!

These articles need images!

Brutal Mario. Please add an image or two to this page!
Podoboo. Please add an image or two to this page!


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