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Dan Maku

Also known as

Dan, Best Video Gamer, BVG



Knows of

SMW ROMhacking, Custom Palettes

Join date

January 3, 2010


January 30, 1993

Known For

Super Market Roll Drums and occasionally making compositions, but is still a relatively unknown user

Dan Maku is an SMWC user who joined on Jan. 3, 2011 with ID #8707, although he had previously been lurking on ROMhacking boards since before SMW Central even existed.



Dan Maku's first experience with posting in forums was at GameFAQs. He joined the GameFAQs forums as Best Video Gamer on June 15, 2003 with ID #770958 (out of millions, making his account one of the oldest). There, he was just an average user who mostly posted threads or posted in threads such as "Throw Item from Game at Next User" or quiz threads, with his most notable thread being a quiz about the Ratchet & Clank games. However, he hasn't been an active poster for a few years.

However, on the Super Mario World forum, Dan saw a thread about Super Demo World: The Legend Continues. This is how Dan was introduced to ROMhacks and ROMhacking.

Dan later stumbled upon Acmlm's Board, probably during its second incarnation and probably by looking for an SDW:TLC FAQ. Dan never joined, however. He only lurked, mostly in the SMW ROMhacking forum.

Around this time, Dan started using Lunar Magic. The titles for most of his first hacks were "Super BVG World." (creative, eh?) As he remembers it, Dan's first world was themed on the fences as seen in Iggy's Castle. Much cutoff ensued until he learned how to properly place the fence tiles so that the corner tiles would automatically appear. They were far from the best levels, but hey, at least it wasn't an obvious Level 105 edit (except for the BG, as he was still getting the hang of Lunar Magic).

Unfortunately, much of his earlier work was lost due to a freak accident involving the importation of uncompressed GFX, causing the infamous glitched graphics to appear.

Over time, however, Dan learned how to use some more advanced functions, such as modifying screen exits and even BlockTool and a few sprite edits with a program called Mario World Reconfigurator (basically an outdated version of Tweaker by HyperHacker), but not quite ExGFX nor the Overworld. With this knowledge, he worked on his oldest surviving hack, also titled "Super Dan World." He actually made it 5 worlds into it (not counting edits of "Secret Path" levels such as the Vanilla Secret levels) before he quit working on it. Since he never joined Acmlm's board, he never publicly released Super Dan World. He did, however, upload videos of two levels from Super Dan World to Youtube, including the World 5 castle, which Dan considers to be his hardest level ever. He would also base his 2010 VLDC entry on a level from Super Dan World.

Sometime around January 2006, Dan saw a thread on Acmlm's board about the opening of a new site: SMW Central. Dan would soon start lurking that site along with Acmlm's board, eventually favoring SMWC over Acmlm due to activity levels.

Then, in 2007, Dan decided to work on a new project, titled "Super Dan World 2." This hack, however, was only edited one world in. This was Dan's first hack to feature ExGFX and custom sprites. Furthermore, it was around this time (July 27, 2007 to be exact) that Dan joined the board2 incarnation of Acmlm's Board. During his short time there, he actually posted a thread about Super Dan World 2, but under the name of Super Dan World. It received average criticism, mostly brought down by a few instances of stacked and floating Munchers. Dan left board2 without announcement because it was way too inactive.

Dan's next project was an automatic level, back when they were popular. He noticed that most automatic levels used vanilla graphics and vanilla sprites, so his goal was to make a level that incorporated various media of hacking: Custom blocks, custom sprites, custom ExGFX, custom music (his first project to do so), and HDMA (also his first). Dan was still a lurker at this time, so it was never released, but he did put up a video.

In late 2009, Dan took up hacking once more with yet another project titled "Super Dan World." However, this title would change as a result of a conversation in Physics class about this ROMhack. When Dan mentioned the term "Super Mario World ROMhack" to his teacher, the teacher heard it as "Super Market Roll Drums." This gave birth to its current title. Most importantly, however, on Jan. 3, 2010, Dan finally registered on SMWC. Super Market Roll Drums is the first hack from Dan to have a custom overworld, even if it's far from perfect. However, some complications arose: FuSoYa's screen-scrolling pipes being incompatible with newer versions of Lunar Magic, system restores wiping out some of the hack's progress, real life, and laziness, in particular. To this day, Dan hasn't even made a one-world demo of.Super Market Roll Drums, although he probably has concepts of the two levels on which he has yet to edit (the castle and switch palace).

Dan entered the 2010 Vanilla Level Design Contest with a level fittingly titled "The Invisicave." It performed poorly, placing around 60th place and earning just over half of all possible points, but that was probably to have been expected. Today, Dan views the Invisicave as a social experiment to see if it was possible to make a good level themed around nothing but invisible floors by using Spike Tops. (The outcome was "No. You can't.")

Dan went on two unannounced hiatuses: one in the summer of 2010, and one from January-May 2011. The former was laziness, and the latter was because a grade of C was intolerable to his father, so he was grounded until he brought said grade up to a B. Super Market Roll Drums was still on hold because of six AP exams coming up, but when school ended, Dan finally started (re)working Super Market Roll Drums.

Dan is also notable for his ExGFX custom palettes, with his best-received palette being an edit of DKC2's Mine palette.


Dan Maku, first known as Best Video Gamer but will be referred to as Dan Maku or Dan throughout this article, was rather active at first, averaging 3-4 posts per day. However, his activity slowly declined until his first hiatus in the summer of 2010. He started posting in the fall, but mostly so that he could use "Worst Video Gamer" as his custom Halloween name. As a result of his inactivity, Dan missed both C3s during 2010 and the 2010 Chocolate Level Design Contest. Dan also blames his inactivity period for why he did not win anything during the 2010 Winter Mosts, or any Mosts for that matter.

Dan Maku was banned early April 2010 due to an incident related to the opening of the short-lived "A Forum" sub-forum. A Forum is believed to be an experiment to create a forum with no main topic. The end result was a forum even worse than the World of Insanity was back then. Kieran consequently punished users by deducting 11 posts (each post in A Forum, plus an additional 10) per post in A Forum, believing its crappiness to be a case of postcount++. Further expounding on its experimental nature, Kieran struck a deal with users: users whose postcounts had been lowered could push a button, which would either restore the postcount, multiply it by -1 (resulting in a negative postcount), or lower it to zero. Users who revealed which button they pushed were banned. Unfortunately, Dan Maku never read that warning when he told everyone on IRC which button he pressed. This was why he was banned. At the very end of the experiment, Kieran revealed that the buttons were random (and that users would not have had their postcounts restored through that method), restored to everyone's postcounts every post not made in A Forum, and unbanned Dan.

Dan went on hiatus again from January to May 2011, starting shortly after his 1-year SMWCversary. This was because he had a low grade in English as a result of missing assignments. Dan was thusly grounded by his father until March, but Dan was still on a voluntary hiatus so that he could focus on his six AP exams. Dan missed C3 (again!), the 2011 Vanilla Level Design Contest, and A Super Mario World Central 2 level signups. He returned at last around late May of 2011.

However, next year, Dan did release a one-world demo of his ROMhack, Super Market Roll Drums, during C3, serving System in the process. Unfortunately, his hack met with no criticism in that thread. To this day, the majority of his feedback comes from having shown SMRD to two users, akacesfan and TLMB, over IRC. Dan is also working on a hack of a game called Adventures of Lolo 2 and has released a 15-level demo.

Link to Super Market Roll Drums (1-world demo) Link to Lolo 2 demo (15/54 levels)

(A word from Dan Maku: If you play Super Market Roll Drums, when you beat the castle, you unlock "Challenge Rooms." This level was intended as a preview of 3 levels later in the hack. I will most likely only keep the first one, as the other two have been deemed Kaizo-ish. Especially the 3rd one, spinjumping on a Grinder in a spike-floored elevator; my excuse is that this was meant to be indicative of end-game difficulty, but in later versions this rom will cease to exist.)

November 3, 2012, was when Dan Maku took up his current username. He retired his old username, Best Video Gamer, for a couple of reasons, namely getting tired of what he considers an unoriginal nickname. The name "Dan Maku" comes from the 'danmaku' type of shmup games. Danmaku is Japanese for 'bullet hell' and is the type of game that Touhou is. Even now, his current level of activity fluctuates a bit: sometimes he goes 3 days or even months without posting, sometimes he posts more than 5 in one day.

Dan is usually seen in the Talk, Gaming, and Hacking Discussion forums, with the occasional World of Insanity post.

Dan on IRC

Dan Maku is somewhat more active on IRC's #smwc. He started chatting around April 2010 with Mibbit. Upon starting, though, Dan accidentally forgot to put in a nickname and appeared as an obvious mibbit_numbers name. Since he didn't know about slash commands, he quit to input a nickname. Dan would then learn the hard way that IRC nicks don't support spaces, causing his nick to appear as "Best." (This was of course back when he was known as Best Video Gamer.) Logging out one last time, he logged in as "BestVideoGamer" since he disliked underscores with that username. Dan now uses HexChat, a variation of XChat, for chatting since Mibbit does not support key features such as bold text. He isn't usually a conversation starter, though he does like discussing the current subject.

Dan used to go to #chanofice (now moved to #clearworld), but quit due to all the users there referring to each other as bundles of sticks ("faggots," in layman's terms).

Dan Maku plays UNO on #uno. Dan has also begun plans to spread his chatting to other channels, such as #gensokyo, #serioushax, and #imamusic.

Dan as a Composer

Dan Maku immediately took an interest in the study of music (particularly music theory) after playing SNN's Mario's Keytastrophe and FPI's The Second Reality Project Reloaded. In fact, Dan practically considers SNN to be one of his main inspirations, with others including Koji Kondo and David Wise.

Dan's compositions, like most songs, are created in a style that suits the author. His style involves the use of uncommon meters (such as 5/4) and more advanced keys (such as G# Minor). He also thinks that songs gain instant bonus points simply because they use irregular meters, even if such a song isn't really that good (as is usually a consequence).

Dan's songs have been publicly shown online more recently. One of them was his first song, "One Point Two Five," a song in 5/4 (5 divided by 4 equals 1.25). It was composed before Dan actually studied music theory; consequently, this song doesn't have a real key. This song is the title theme for Super Market Roll Drums. Early criticism of this song says that it's too repetitive and simple, but Dan has remedied this problem.

His second shown song currently keeps the working title "BVGboss" because it's just that bad. The title obviously states that this song was to be used as the Super Market Roll Drums boss theme. It is in 5/16 time (according to Dan) and in D# Minor (Dan's favorite key). This song hasn't received much good criticism. For one thing, the @17 is too ear-rapey, and not even lowering the song a full octave could save that in later showings. Apparently, one critic did at least like the @8 though. The boss theme incorporated dominant harmonics (including a diminished chord at the end of the loop, which was probably the worst part) and an interesting drumline.

The current boss theme of SMRD is Triskaidecaphobia. Although it uses 13/8 time, it's at least easier on the ears.

Perhaps Dan's best song is Dorian Forest ~ Sylvan Song. It's a much simpler song, using 4/4 time; the most advanced part here is using the Dorian Mode of music. The main draw is that it starts slow, then picks up speed later while not too fast.


  • Dan Maku's preferred method of playing ROMhacks is with his PSP.
    • He has beaten Super Demo World: The Legend Continues, Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom, Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom 2, The Second Reality Project 2, The Second Reality Project Reloaded, and Rise to the Challenge with 100% completion and without savestates.
    • Interestingly, when using a computer emulator, Dan usually abuses savestates.
  • Dan Maku has an account on Jul which he rarely uses, but he is more likely to use his Jul account than his board2 account.
  • Dan Maku used to be a rather serious collector of video-game licensed merchandise.
    • Two of his avatars used so far, the 1-up Mushroom and the Poison Mushroom "Game Over" avatar, come from his wristband collection.
  • Dan Maku is currently trying to get a job at Gamestop.
    • He is actually familiar with the employees at his local Gamestop.
    • Most of his aforementioned collection was purchased at Gamestop.
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