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Awsomest 14

Also known as



Knows of

Ripping GFX from Images

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January 4, 2010


Known For

"Well, what can I say that isn't different from anyone else's stories? I got interested in SMW Hacking after watching some cool videos on YouTube."

-Awsomest 14

How He Originated

Awsomest 14 first started hacking in early December and joined SMWC on January 4, 2010. His first hack was going to be: Super Luigi World, a vanilla hack, but he soon found out there already was a Super Luigi World made by Yashum. After he found out this, he began to look through tools that were avalible to him (YY-CHR, Sprite Tool, Addmusic, etc.) and started creating: The Adventures of Super Kat and is still working on that now.

Why "Awsomest" and not "Awesomest"?

Many people think that Awsomest 14 is just a bad speller, but he acaully has a reason for this. In most Nintendo games, you can only have a maximum of 8 letters as your player name. He used "Awesomest" for Non-Nintendo games but one day when he played Paper Mario, he had to put "Awsomest" instead and the name just stuck.

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