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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of WMDs

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Atma is an intermediate hacker who also enjoys being an asshole. He is a twenty-one-year-old SMWC user and former Staff Member.

What Atma Has Done For SMWC

Mainly, Atma's contributions toward SMWC have been music-related, ranging from submitting ports, to trying his hand at composing, to moderating music. He has also submitted and helped with several hacks, with his most successful solo project being Roy's Armada. He has also dabbled in spriting.

From April 2010 to September 2011, Atma was a Local Moderator at SMWC. His moderation style was abrupt, sometimes abrasive, and rather temperamental, but he did his job well and is missed on the staff team.

Social Life and Personality

Atma freely admits to being a complete and absolute asshole. His sense of humour is often bizarre, his jokes do not always elicit laughs, and his temperament has made him a few enemies over the years. Despite that, Atma is actually quite a friendly person...if people take the time to get to know him, that is.

Atma's friends include: Counterfeit, Kieran, Buster Beetle, Jimmy52905 (fuck you Camerin), Domiok, K3fka, S.N.N. (most of the time), Camerin, and others.

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