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Also known as

anybodyagrees, JTMY98



Knows of

Level Design, Overworld Design

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Known For

Outrageous Mario World

AnybodyAgrees is just another user at SMW Central. Not much is known about him, as he is fairly new to the community.



AnybodyAgrees was introduced to Mario by his friend, Ryan. He frequently went over after school to play Mario Kart Double Dash. He asked his mother to buy him a Gamecube, but was denied. Later, another friend wanted to play Mario Kart DS with him. He agreed. However, his friend lost the cartridge, forcing him to play New Super Mario Bros. Had that not happened, AnybodyAgrees might not have even been writing this.

Introduced To Youtube

In 2008, AnybodyAgrees got a DS of his own. He needed help, so he turned to Superskarmory. After beating New Super Mario Bros., he wondered if he could get an account of his own. He made an account, and, called himself anybodyagrees, seeing as it was the first thing that came in to his mind. He began uploading walkthroughs and glitch videos.

Discovering SMWC

While roaming around on YouTube one day, he found a video showing a hack called Mario's Wacky World. He wondered if he could create games like those. He soon discovered Lunar Magic, and soon after, SMW Central. He joined and immediately submitted a hack. The hack was, of course, rejected. He has improved a lot in his level design and even got a version of the hack accepted. He has 252 posts as of 2011-8-4.

Becoming a donor

On 2011-5-5, AnybodyAgrees donated $6.00 to SMWCentral. On 2011-5-8, he received his custom title and donor's badge. His current title advertises his SMWCP2 level, Switch Scamper.

Work on SMWCP2

AnybodyAgrees claimed level 006 on 2011-4-2. The level is finished and has been inserted in to the base ROM on 2011-8-1. He is very excited because it is his first major chance to get recognized.

Participation in the EUC

On 2012-4-29, AnybodyAgrees was drafted on to Chester's side. He believes that System is a douche and should be deleted, for he is merely an empty folder.

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