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Join date

Some point in 2006


July 13th 1994

Known For

Mario in Midgard and the Chaotic realm, being one of SMW Central's oldest members.

Anonimato is a 18 years old smw hacker, he is the creator of Mario in Midgard and Chaotic Realm.



Mario in Midgard

Mario in Midgard is anonimato's first hack. Its full of glitches and errors but aside of that, the hack wasn't bad. The hack is based in the MMORPG "Ragnarok Online".

Anonimato its currently working on a remake of this hack.

Chaotic Realm

Chaotic Realm is a muncher based hack, also its anonimato's second released full hack. The hack's plot its actually simple.

  The people of the mushroom kingdom...
  they are dying
  the reason, the munchers.
  Mario was annoyed of all this chaos so he went to chaotic realm to fight the responsable of this
  chaos... The Kaizo master.

Anonimato on SMWC

Even if Anonimato is a kinda unknown user (since he doesn't makes a lot of posts), he has been on SMWC since 2006.

Also he was founder of one of the anti-touhou movements, called "anti-touhou army".

Currently he is a touhou fan (oh the irony).

Anonimato outside SMWC

Anonimato is a member of Team Haunted, also he haves a devianART account and a Youtube account (anonimatoX and anonimato94 respectively.)

Hacking skills

Anonimato's strongest skill its probably ExGFX making, and the weakest one its, for sure, Overworld Editing. Currently Anonimato it's improving his music porting skills, since he got annoyed because no one taked a music request from him.

Fun facts

  • Anonimato isn't good at english.
  • According to Supertails, he is a very underrated ExGFXer.
  • He saw S.N.N. when he was a regular user in the central.
  • Anonimato's (after wipe) ID is 74, just one before Smallhacker (ID 75).
  • Even if he doesn't like to make hacks with very complex stories, he can make really complex stories with incredible ease
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