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graphics, level design

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January 16

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Super Mario Bros. - The Wicked Star Story

All this talk about goulash is a-making me Hungary!

Andy, your layout is so ridiculous; it is ridiculous, in the sexiest way imaginable.

Speaking of feline sex, hello andy_k_250.

andy_k_250 (also known as andyk250 or just Andy) is a staff member at SMW Central, where he moderates all of the forums. Andy is also currently a hack moderator, which means he shares in the sisyphean task of moderating hacks for either acceptance to or rejection from the site database.

Andy became a member of SMWCentral sometime in the Summer of 2007. After the original forum was wiped, Andy rejoined the site at 2:08 p.m. CST on August 20, 2007. He later resigned at the end of 2010, but rejoined the staff on July 2011.


Becoming A Local Moderator

Andy became a local moderator on August 26, 2008. He found out that he had become a local moderator when he logged in that day at 10:30 p.m. and noticed that he suddenly had the ability to use the Quick Punishment (QP) Panel on other users. He then saw that additional forums were now visible to him. Typically slow to reaction, Andy proceeded to do nothing for some time, forcing S.N.N. to edit the "Tips Of The Day" in order to create a giant flashing banner message urging Andy to log on to irc as soon as possible. Andy did so and has been a moderator ever since.

Becoming A Global Moderator

Andy became a global moderator on December 22, 2009. He found out that he had become a global moderator when he logged in that day and noticed that the word "Local" had disappeared from his staff title and was replaced by "Global" and then realized that he could suddenly edit or delete all posts in all forums. Andy's promotion coincided with the creation of the hack moderator staff position, during which 10 regular site users were promoted to help combat the deluge of submitted ROM hacks.

Cancellation Hoax

On November 23, 2009, Ersanio made Andy aware that he had 1,999 posts at SMWCentral and advised him to make his 2,000th post a good one. Andy was not sure what he should do, so he asked for suggestions. Ersanio suggested that Andy should use his 2,000th post to make a thread announcing the cancellation of Super Mario Bros. - The Wicked Star Story. Andy did so. Dozens of postings full of condolences ensued for several hours, until the joke wore thin and Andy revealed the truth.

While some users were able to appreciate the deception, others were not as pleased with being tricked. A normally mild-mannered sprite creator named Davros filed a lawsuit against Andy, and Smallhacker served as judge, jury, and executioner during the trial. A pun that Andy made while on irc spurred Smallhacker into handing down a weighty judgment against Andy, as well as Ersanio, Grishnax, and Phenolatukas (who were named as accomplices). Andy was temporarily banned and stripped of his moderating powers. SNN eventually took pity upon him and restored him to his former status.

Somehow, Andy managed to survive this harrowing ordeal, and is now slowly but surely making his way toward post number 3,500.

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