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Level design.

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January 16th, 2010


July 3rd, 1991

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Being a staff member and posting a lot, especially in talk and World of Insanity

aj6666 is currently a staff member from SMW Central his user ID is 8903. He joined over two years ago and has been working for the staff for more than one year.



The name "aj6666" was used for the first time when he created his YouTube in 2006 account at the age of 15, he didn't know what name he should use, so he just picked his initials (aj) the he took a random number (6) and repeated it 4 times making aj6666, he used that name in almost every site he registered since then, however, people usually tend to just call him "aj".

The first time aj6666 became active on a forum was in late 2008 on an online yu-gi-oh dueling forum, he eventually joined a few other yu-gi-oh related forums and he even managed to become a moderator in one of them. However, he left all these forums a few days before he came to SMW Central.

Life on SMWC

Attitude and activity

Since the day he joined SMW Central, aj6666 has always been an active poster, and he has never left the site or went inactive for too long. aj normally posts in any thread where he has something to say, however, when a thread has too many posts he's often too lazy to read them all and he stays away from that particular thread, also, he doesn't pay attention to all the forums in the site since some of them don't really interest him.

aj6666 can be very serious or very playful depending on the circumstances, he likes joke threads (as long as they don't go too far) as much as he likes serious discussions. Sometimes he refrains from giving his own opinion as he seems to think differently than most of the centralities or some people tend to misunderstand his point of view; however he's usually open to different opinions.

Role as a staff member

aj6666 was first promoted at the end of march 2011 and is currently one few people in the staff who joined after 2010. At first, his only task was to moderate the Spanish subforum which was the reason why he was promoted, however, he slowly started moderating other forums on the site and get involved in other staff activities. As time passed, aj decided to take care of more tasks like tutorial moderation, managing the "Member of the Month" awards and moderating hacks, as well as getting involved in more important staff discussions.

When moderating hacks and writing removal logs, aj6666 doesn't show screenshots of errors in hacks explaining what's wrong in them, as he thinks that's repetitive, unexplaining, doesn't take the hack as a whole but as a compilation of simple mistakes, and something like that only tells the authors to fix some particular issues without giving a general idea of what's wrong with the hack or what needs to be fixed. Instead, he prefers writing a summary of the main issues in the hack, why they should be fixed and how they should be fixed, when necessary he includes screenshots to illustrate his points by linking them rather than embedding them. This removal log format wasn't aj6666's idea, but WhiteYoshiEgg's.

SMW hacking

Discovery to current times

On December 2009 aj6666 decided to play the original SMW because he wanted to play once more one of the games of his childhood, however he got stuck trying to find the secret exit on Chocolate Island 2 he tried his best but in the end he gave up and decided to look for the answer on YouTube. While he was looking for it, he found several videos about custom SMW levels; he thought it would be nice to give it a try, so he looked for some information and learned about Lunar Magic and SMW Central. However, aj knew he had to try out some hacks before he started hacking himself, so he decided to play Brutal Mario because he liked what he saw about that hack. After he finished Brutal Mario he downloaded Lunar Magic and started hacking.

Just like most of people, aj6666 started as a noob when he first opened Lunar Magic he had no idea of how to do anything, so he just started randomly clicking the buttons and see what happened, after some time he managed to make a level with ugly glitched graphics, major cutoffs and boring level design. His first overworld events weren’t the nicest either since he had trouble with making the levels appear and enabling directions. Fortunately after watching some tutorials and with the help of time he became a better hacker and now he is able to make good levels.

Right now, aj6666 knows how to use several tools, including: Lunar Magic, Lunar IPS, BTSD, Sptritetool, YY-CHR, Translhextion, Xkas and Addmusic. He also knows how to use map16, add ExGFX, make exanimations, rip GFX, but he's completely clueless about anything that involves coding ASM. He can insert any custom item as long as it doesn't require advanced ASM knowledge, but he can't make them. His main focus and strongest point is level design.

Emphasis on level design

aj6666 not only specializes in level design but also thinks it's the most important aspect on SMW hacking but is generally underrated and overthrown by less important aspects as graphics, music and even ASM; he declares himself as a defender of level design as THE most important aspect of a hack. His own definition of level design is “the placement and behavior of anything in the level that can interact with the player”, he doesn't consider things like music and graphics as part of the level design since the player can't interact with them or use them in any way, but he recognizes they are still important parts of the level. According to his philosophy of level design, a level can't be called good or bad per se and should be judged according to a "line" drawn differently by every person made out of arguments based on their own experience with SMW hacks. He also insists that there is not a "one and only" line to judge hacks but many, since different groups of hackers have different criteria and styles for SMW hacking and none of them are wrong regardless if one likes them or not.

aj6666's hacking projects

Marios's 2 ways 2 victory

See also: main article Mario's 2 Ways 2 Victory

Right now aj6666's only released hack is called "Mario's 2 ways 2 victory." It's a vanilla hack except for the music and some patches hex edits and tweaked sprites which were mostly used to fix technical issues. However aj thinks his hack is unique because if offers the player many different ways of clearing his game, that's why it's names "Mario's 2 ways 2 victory" (actually it offers 2 main ways, but the player can mix them up).

aj submitted the hack twice in SMW Central and it was rejected both times, even if the moderator said the level design was really good, aj though a lot of levels were mediocre and spent over a year remaking them after the second removal. Right now the hack was uploaded a third time in SMW Central and was accepted.

Participation in contests and colabs

  • In the 2011 vanilla contest aj made a level named "Skull Island" which he ended in 50th place, mostly because the level was too long and hard. The level features several overground areas, an underground area with a short time limit, a castle area and a big boo boss fight at the end. The level's theme is poison, that's why aj edited the palettes to make many objects and sprites green so the player would get the feeling they are in a poluted area.
  • In the first 24hoSWM, he made an entry named "The intact room". The contest consisted in making a level that could fit as a ninth door in Bowser's castle. aj's level was about machines and weapons, and it was mostly vanilla (exept for a couple of ExGFX files used for sprite compatibility); even if the level was too long to fit the theme, it ended up in the 21st place.
  • aj6666 particiated in the 2012 vanilla contest with a level names "Bowser's castle". As the name suggests, the level is a castle which ends with a Bowser boss fight; the caslte has four rooms: the first and the third room use castle sprites, the second room uses ghost house sprites and the fourth room uses a mix of both, these is a midway point before the third room. The level was once again quite hard, but with a good reason this time. It ended up taking the 13th place of the contest.
  • In the 2012 overworld contest, aj entred with set of six worlds each one of them using one of the submaps. The worlds were themed around an specific enemy those were: koopa-troopa, muncher, lakitu, boo, magikoopa and Bowser respectively and were shaped to represent those enemies, except for the final world. Even if this was a rushed entry, it ended in 13th place, although aj didn't expect to rank much higher than the joke entries.
  • aj worked as a judge for it, being his first experience as a contest judge. His scores were generally lower than S.N.N.'s who was also jusging for that contest and ranged from 13 to 43 points out of 50, most of them being in the 20-40 range.
  • aj didn't participate much in the general discussions regarding SMWCP2, however, he's giving advices to many level designers from the colab. Right now, aj has made two levels for SMWCP2, the first one is called "Lava Lift Lair" which is the first level in the fire half of world 7; the second one is named "Reverse Universe" which is a world 9 level based on a "reversion" gimmick.

Real Life

According to aj6666's profile:

"Outside of my laptop I'm known as Alejandro, which is my real name, I'm 21 years old, male French-Mexican currently living in Mexico and studding psychology. I share with many professionals in my field the point of view that subjectivity is more important than objectivity when we study people's behavior and mentality since there is no such thing as an algorithm of though, and every person is different and unique."

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