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Also known as

Alex St. Clair, Alex-8899, Alex1006 (prior to July 2006)



Knows of

a little bit of everything

Join date

September 17, 2007


February 6, 1988

Known For

bitching about stuff in his LiveJournal; impersonating female celebrities

Alex "A-l-e-x-99" St. Clair is user #486 at Super Mario World Central. He registered on September 17, 2007, and retired from the site on November 29, 2011. He generally lurked in the site's shadows and didn't post often while he was active.

He also, on November 30, 2009, registered an account on Kuribo's Shoe, SMWC's intended replacement. But the site went down and likely won't come back up. :(


Stuff Alex Likes

  • The Pok√©mon and Mario series, and Nintendo in general (until very recently with the advent of the Wii...)
  • Super Mario World 1 ROM hacking, obviously.
  • Making fun of some certain people and websites.
  • Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.
  • Most shows on CBS, including The Price is Right, the new Let's Make a Deal, and CSI: Vegas. Also, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! syndicate to his local CBS affiliate.

Contributions to SMWC

Hack Reviews

In chronological order from earliest to most recent, here are the following hacks Alex reviewed:

  1. Seven Cursed Eggs by SyStemkraSh (July 31, 2008; rated 8/10)
  2. Mario Wakes Up by MATTAN (October 25, 2008 at 6:31 A.M.; rated 9/10)
  3. Every Level Iggy! by Riolu180 (October 25, 2008 at 7:19 A.M.; rated 8/10)
  4. Return to Dinosaur Land by RAGB (October 25, 2008 at 12:03 P.M.; rated 9/10)
  5. Toadsworth's Disappearance by TheDutchLuigi (October 25, 2008 at 2:00 P.M.; rated 7/10)
  6. New Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels by RickyMario (October 26, 2008; rated 6/10)
  7. The Unworld by dottedboy (December 14, 2008; rated 6/10. Alex couldn't complete this game at the time of his review.)
  8. A New Year's Walk by Mattan (January 2, 2009; rated 9/10)
  9. "Tentative Title" by LunarDrake (January 3, 2009; rated 7/10)
  10. The Second Reality Project Reloaded by FPI (March 19, 2009; rated 9/10)
  11. Tale of Elementia by Supertails (April 16, 2009; rated 9/10)
  12. Super Mario Omega by Higsby (October 5, 2009; rated 8/10)
  13. A Super Mario Thing by the Talkhaus of Raocow (May 17, 2010; rated 5/10. Alex couldn't complete this game, either, and his review was so long that he uploaded it to his LiveJournal and made the actual review on SMWC a hyperlink to over there.) For whatever reason, GoldenSonic15 took just a bit too much offense at his review, and that caused controversy. To be fair, Alex's review was pretty angry. But his anger was perfectly justified due to the hack being so incredibly hard. Also, Alex has since been vindicated by other reviewers.
  14. Super Mario World 2 by Adam (July 13, 2010; rated 8/10)
  15. Toad's World by Ice Man (September 29, 2010; rated 5/10)


Again, these are in chronological order:



ROM Addresses:

  1. Uploaded on June 20, 2010; accepted on June 22nd:
    • 0xE107, SNES $01:DF07
    • Length: 9 bytes
    • What it controls: Something sprite tilemap related
    • What it is: Palette info for the items in the bonus game sprite (0x82). The first three bytes are the palette for the Star. The next three are for the Mushroom, and the last three are for the Fire Flower. They're all expressed as even numbers where 00 = Lunar Magic palette 8, 02 = LM palette 9, and so on.

RAM Addresses:









  1. [1] A custom beehive FG and BG inspired by DK Country 2's hives. (Uploaded September 14, 2009)
  2. [2] A custom treetops FG inspired by Super Mario Bros. 1 (uploaded January 2, 2010)
  3. [3] A custom beach/desert FG based on similar graphics by j_fire99. However, Alex's FG improves in places where J_fire's graphics were significantly lacking. Most notably, it contains both above-ground AND underground variants and has graphics for ALL slopes. (Uploaded on June 21, 2011.) Alex did show off these graphics at the spring 2011 C3, but as the other graphics he showed off that day were heavily criticized, this set was largely ignored.






He made a hack called Bowser's Grudge, but it was rejected and he cancelled it out of frustration. Frustration that only increased after seeing A Super Mario Thing get accepted and featured.

He's tried to make a lot of other hacks before and after BG, but he never got anything else off the ground, and that's what led to his retirement.

Contributions Outside of SMWC

  • Is mentioned in the version history for Lunar Magic versions 1.64 and up, pertaining to a thread he made called "The case of the glitch that's not a glitch" in which he discovered that the then-current version of Lunar Magic didn't render ceilings properly, possibly leading to in-game glitches. However, FuSoYa misspelled his name as "Alex99".
  • Was well-known for his strong opinions on DeviantArt until he was banned. He tried to sue DeviantArt on December 1, 2009 to get his account back, but was flatly rejected by the clerk of the court he was trying to sue in.
  • Was a cartoonist until his DevArt account got nuked; his attempts at a comeback haven't gone well, but he keeps trying.
  • Wrote an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about Golden, a popular-up-until-that-point Price is Right fansite. The decision to write the article came in July of 2008 after the site shut down over the firing of Roger Dobkowitz, a well-known (to them, at least) producer of the show who was kinda sorta their liaison. There's no evidence to prove it, but Alex could almost swear that the now nearly-universal hatred of Golden on certain game show blogs and even by the show's staff itself (Drew Carey called the site's members "telephone pole screamers") was influenced by the ED article somehow. Unfortunately, Encyclopedia Dramatica shut down on April 16, 2011; if there's an article on its replacement, Oh Internet!, it's highly neutered compared to the original article. You'll have to use the Internet Archive to see the article.

Name Changes on SMWC

Most of these are from before Kieran nuked the ability to liberally change names in August 2009.

  • Severus St. Clair: Used this name throughout October 2008. It was his Halloween name change; in his comic strips, he dressed as Severus Snape for that Halloween.
  • S-a-n-t-a-l-e-x-99: Used throughout December 2008. This, obviously, was a Christmas name change.
  • Isabella St. Valentine: Used in February 2009 until Valentine's Day. The name was punny. =P
  • Alex St. Patrick: Used in March 2009 until...guess! xD
  • Katy St. Perry: Used in May 2009 until approximately the spring '09 C3 convention.
  • Lady St. Gaga: Used in June 2009 until SNN began scaring the shit out of people with his 5,000th post "celebration".
  • Stevie St. Nicks: Halloween 2009 name change. In his comics, he actually dressed as Stevie Nicks for Halloween. It was a very poor imitation, however.
  • Mariah St. Carey: Christmas 2009 name change. He was going to go for "Ebenezer St. Scrooge", but figured that impersonating a female was much more fun.
  • K-e-$-h-a-99: Halloween 2010 name change.
  • Drew St. Carey: Christmas 2010 name change. He was originally going to go for "The Ghost of A-l-e-x-99's Yet to Come", but the text field wasn't long enough and he ran out of room. This name change is a pun on the fact that it's the job of The Price is Right (and game shows in general) to give people gifts every day, so it's effectively always Christmas on that show.
  • Auld Lang A-l-e-x-99: Normally on SMW Central, a Christmas name change is supposed to snap back to normal on December 26th. But for whatever reason in 2010, Kieran decided to leave his "Christmas tree" up until New Year's Day, so Alex snuck in a quick New Year's name change.
  • A-l-e-x-99 the Fanb01 Hunter: Name change for the spring 2011 C3.

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