Twin Bridges

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World 4, the Twin bridges.

Twin Bridges is the fourth world in Super Mario World and marks the halfway point in the game. Provided the player is not performing an 11-level speed run, Twin Bridges is the shortest world in the game, requiring a minimum of 3 levels to pass. But with a little bit of searching, another Star World warp can be found. The two bridges are named after dairy products: "Butter Bridge," on the top, and "Cheese Bridge," on the bottom. For a short world, however, Twin Bridges has some game features that are either unique to it or pretty darn close. Soda Lake is the only level to feature Torpedo Ted launchers, Butter Bridge 1 is the only level to feature the Mushroom Scale platforms, and Cookie Mountain is one of a select few to feature the Sumo Bros. sprite. In addition, the Cheese Bridge Area features Yoshi's Wings, which are the only way to get a Blue Yoshi without resorting to the Star World.

Twin Bridges contains the following 6 levels:

ID Name
00C Butter Bridge 1
00D Butter Bridge 2
00F Cheese Bridge Area
010 Cookie Mountain
011 Soda Lake
00E #4 Ludwig's Castle


  • The Cheese Bridge Area is known for having arguably the most frustrating secret exit to find in the whole game. It requires either some fancy flying or sacrificing your hard earned Yoshi.
  • The battle with Ludwig can be seen as a midway point to a (somewhat) symmetrical game progression so far. The first three castles each have a different type of boss fight, each of which is repeated after this midway point. Also, each odd-numbered world exists in a sub-map and each even-numbered world on the main map, forming another kind of symmetry.

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