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Tweaker is a Super Mario World hacking tool. It can edit certain properties of the normal sprites in a ROM. It's a rather handy tool for most hackers.

Another set of tools, which are similar to Tweaker include .cfg editors. They are very similar to Tweaker, but the .cfg editor is used for custom sprites.

List of Functions

Tweaker displays six different sprite tables, most of which use bits to determine whether certain properties are true or not. There is also a window that is used to set where the sprite's main pointer will be.

The CFG Editor tool found inside of Sprite Tool.

Tweaker table #1: $1656,x

Bits 0-3: object clipping value (0-F)
Bit 4: can be jumped on
Bit 5: dies when jumped on
Bit 6: hop in/kick shells
Bit 7: disappear in a cloud of smoke

Tweaker table #2: $1662,x

Bits 0-5: sprite clipping value (0-3B)
Bit 6: use shell as death frame
Bit 7: falls straight down when killed

Tweaker table #3: $166E,x

Bit 0: use graphics page 2
Bits 1-3: palette (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, A, C, E)
Bit 4: disable fireball killing
Bit 5: disable cape killing
Bit 6: disable water splash
Bit 7: don't interact with objects on Layer 2

Tweaker table #4: $167A,x

Bit 0: don't disable clipping when killed with star
Bit 1: invincible to star, cape, fire, and block bounces
Bit 2: process when offscreen
Bit 3: don't change into a shell when stunned
Bit 4: can't be kicked like a shell
Bit 5: process interaction with the player every frame (if clear, it will process interaction every other frame)
Bit 6: gives powerup when eaten by Yoshi
Bit 7: don't use default interaction with the player

Tweaker table #5: $1686,x

Bit 0: inedible
Bit 1: stay in Yoshi's mouth
Bit 2: weird ground behavior (?)
Bit 3: don't interact with other sprites
Bit 4: don't change direction when touched
Bit 5: don't turn into a coin when the player reaches the goal
Bit 6: spawns a new sprite
Bit 7: don't interact with objects

Tweaker table #6: $190F,x

Bit 0: make platform passable from below
Bit 1: don't erase when goal passed
Bit 2: can't be killed by sliding
Bit 3: takes 5 fireballs to kill
Bit 4: can be jumped on with upward Y speed
Bit 5: death frame 2 tiles high
Bit 6: don't turn into a coin when the silver P-switch is active
Bit 7: don't get stuck in walls, if the sprite can be carried

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