Turn Block Bridge

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Turn Block Bridge
[[Turn block bridge.jpg|250px]]

Sprite number(s)

59 (horizontal & vertical version)
5A (horizontal version)


Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX00 (SP1)



A Turn Block Bridge is a sprite made up of 5 Turn blocks that expands and retracts. Unlike a Turn Block, a Turn Block Bridge does not flip if hit from below.

There are two versions, one that expands and retracts horizontally, and another that expands and retracts horizontally and vertically.

Please keep in mind that other sprites will fall through the turn block bridge.

Sprite info

The horizontal version is Standard Sprite #5A
The horizontal and vertical version is Standard Sprite #59.


The last turn block on the bridge is flipped, as seen in the picture. To fix this, open Super Mario World in a Hex editor, and go to PC address 0B99D and change '60', to '20'.

If Mario hits a ceiling, turnblock, and spin jumps of an enemy at the same time, he will be forced downwards. This can push Mario through walls.

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x0B89F $01:B69F Length of bridge (59 and 5A), 2 bytes
x0B8A1 $01:B6A1 X offset of bridge (59 and 5A), 2 bytes
x0B8A3 $01:B6A3 Bridge (59/5A) timer, 2 bytes
x0B97E $01:B77E Tile used by bridge
x0B99D $01:B79D Change to 20 to fix last tile X-flipping
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