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Super Mario World Level
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 12B
Notes Second level in the Special World.

Commonly proclaimed as the hardest level in Super Mario World.

Way Cool
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Tubular, most commonly referred to as the hardest Super Mario World level, revolves around collecting and maintaining a P-Balloon to float through a gauntlet of Koopas, Volcano Lotuses, and Chargin' Chucks. The amount of projectiles and the difficulty of controlling Balloon Mario contributes to the level's infamous status. Although the level is only 0A screens long, this level packs one heck of a punch to a novice player.


There are two routes you can take, the easier one requiring a Blue Yoshi you can easily retrieve from Star World 2.

1. Jump across the pipes, avoiding the Chargin' Chucks and Jumpin' Piranha Plants, collecting the first Dragon Coin. Quickly hit the P-Switch and grab the P-Balloon from the ? block via Springboard.

2. There is no one specific way that will guarantee success through the level, but the best path is too grab another Dragon Coin under the ? block, and head upwards to another Dragon Coin and another P-Balloon.

3a. Head past the group of Used blocks (which should turn back into Coins any time now) and carefully through the set of Flying Koopas.

3b. If you have a Blue Yoshi, you can hop on the Used blocks and eat one of the Koopas, granting Yoshi his flying ability. You can now fly upwards off the screen for the rest of the level.

4. Float under the pair of Volcano Lotuses, or between if you want to get a 3rd Dragon Coin. Breeze past some Koopas and a Jumpin' Piranha Plant, and under the first Chargin' Chuck to receive another P-Balloon.

5. Pass under another Chargin' Chuck, and through some Volcano Lotuses to get the 5th and bonus 6th Dragon Coins, and head for the Giant gate, trying to score as high as you can, since you can float all the way to the top of it.

Other Information

Event Number: 66

Cheat: In the GB version of the game, you can use the P-Balloon to fly over the entire level if you go over the ceiling, then run on it.

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