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A Torpedo Ted is an underwater torpedo introduced in Super Mario World. It seems to be an underwater version of a Bullet Bill.

General Information

Torpedo Tod launcher shooting a Torpedo

The Torpedo Ted first appears in Soda Lake (level 11), where it is pulled out of boxes with skulls on them by a mechanical hand. They shoot out in whichever direction Mario is from them, much like the Bullet Bill generator. The Torpedo Teds will move much faster then Mario, and also generate quickly, so planning ahead of time is a good idea. It can only be spin jumped on. It can not be defeated with a cape or fireball. The sprite was never programmed to function correctly when Mario is invincible, so hitting a Torpedo Ted while invincible will allow Mario to kill it again and again, thus giving Mario many lives.

Torpedo Teds are apparently capable of exercising and losing weight, as they are much thinner in Super Mario Galaxy 1.

Hacking Information

The Torpedo Ted generator is sprite CA. It only works with the Water sprite set (GFX 06). By default, Torpedo Ted uses the grey palette 09.

Using a Torpedo Ted in a vertical scrolling level is not recommended, because it may cause white puffs to appear when the screen scrolls up (its the puffs from behind the Ted).

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