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Super Mario World Level
Title Screen Level
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # C7
Notes Attract mode level for title screen
Title Screen Level
List of Levels

The Title Screen Level is level C7 in Lunar Magic. Obviously, it contains the game's title and copyright info. It also contains a demo of Level 128.

You can change it, but doing so is a slightly complicated three-step process. First, you have to actually edit the level. Next, you have to go into the overworld editor, go to File > Title Screen, and click on "Load Title Screen" (or you could just hit F11). Click Yes on the dialog box. You'll be stuck in Layer 2 mode. You have to click the "reload overworld and discard unsaved changes" button to return to the overworld editor.

Finally, you have to re-record the actual title screen demo. Go to File > Title Screen > Install Title Moves Recording ASM, and hit OK. Now open your hack in ZSNES (this is the only emulator you can use), go to the level you want to record a demo of, and make a save state. Now go to "Insert Title Moves Playback and ASM Data", go to your save state, and then click on "Uninstall Title Moves Recording ASM". (If you don't uninstall the ASM, you could corrupt your ROM.)

There are also numerous other ASM hacks and stuff you can use at the title screen. For example, A SMW Central Production uses a "still frame", while other hacks forgo the demo entirely and put you right on the file selection menu.

There are some things you can't do on the title screen:

  • Die. This causes the Special Zone music to play, then causes the Game Over screen to appear, followed by you getting stuck in the demo with no way out. Ironically, this is actually a very good way to record your title screen demo.
  • Have a no-Yoshi intro, enter a door or pipe, or hit a goal point. These will also cause you to get stuck in the demo.
  • Get a Star or P-Switch. These cause music glitches.
  • If you have custom music in your hack (especially if it's inserted using Romi's AddMusic/RevX), then instead of the Special Zone theme, you'll hear silence. Then the game crashes.

While you can get an item in your item box without any bad effects, it'll look extremely awkward. Your stocked item will just kinda sorta hang there up at the top of the screen.

It's possible to use Level C7 as a normal level in your hack. Just simply link to it with an exit-enabled object. You could use this for a "joke" level in which the hack "malfunctions", and then the player goes back to the title screen, intro, and then your hack's first level. However, the colors for the status bar will be incorrect due to colors 8-F of Palettes 0 and 1 using different colors. If you use custom palettes for Level C7, they'll sometimes look correct in Lunar Magic, but not in the actual hack. In that case, you need to go into the overworld editor's title screen editor and change those palettes, too.

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