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In this picture, the time limit can be seen at the top right corner of the status bar.

The time limit is another element in the player's status bar. It is basically a timer counting down every second, and when it reaches 0, Mario dies.

The time limit, according to SMWCentral's standards, should be your normal time remaining when you beat the level + 100. If it's anything lower than that, moderators may ask you to change the time limit in the levels before re-submitting your hack. (if it was not accepted that is)

Lunar Magic can edit the time limit of every level in the game. To do so, simply click on the Mario head button and select a time limit from the drop-down box. Or, click on the music note button, click the "Bypass the time limit" check box, and then type your own custom time limit. If you click on the check box that says "Force the timer to reset to this value every time the player enters the level", then that's precisely what will happen every time a player enters that specific level, even via secondary entrances. This is great if you have puzzles in the area that require reset doors.


  • If you set the time limit to 0, you'll have infinte time. But if Mario dies, the "Time Up!" message will appear. This is very easily fixed via hex edit or ASM patch.
  • For some odd reason, Lunar Magic will allow you to input any hex number from 0 to FFF for the time limit. If you input a hexadecimal number, the timer will count down from hex, then decimal. So, if the timer says FF0, it will go to FE9, not FEF. Likewise, F00 will go to E99. Why FuSoYa allows users of LM to do this is largely unknown.

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