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Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

03 (SP4)



A Thwomp is a somewhat floating enemy from the Mario series of games.

General Information

Thwomps are living blocks of greyish blue stone, covered in dull white spikes around their sides, top, and bottom. They have faces in front with red eyes and mouths full of blunt teeth. Thwomps first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. Normally, they floated near the ceiling, but if Mario walked underneath of them, they'd suddenly fall with great speed and hit the ground with a great thud. (Their names seem to be onomatopoeic for the sound of the fall and subsequent landing) After landing, they would slowly rise back up to ceiling height. Mario could fake them out into falling early, then run through as they reset their positions.

Thwomps remained relatively unchanged for Super Mario World. Before they were blue, and now they are grey, but this may have been due to palette limitations on the NES. They have a bit more animation, with their faces being placid when Mario is not nearby, watchful as Mario approaches, and angry as they fall. There have been horizontal and diagonal Thwomps in SMB3, but SMW only had the basic vertical variety. (Horizontal Thwomps are available for SMW with Sprite Tool)

Thwomps are immune most of Mario's attacks. Fireballs and Cape swipes do not harm them, and Yoshi cannot eat them. Stars will take them out, and shells will sometimes defeat them. (The hit detection is spotty and they will often fly right through without harming the Thwomp)

Hacking Information

Thwomps are only usable with the castle sprite set. (SP4=03) They use palette 09. The Y position at which a Thwomp is placed in the level is the position to which it will rise after falling. There must be a solid tile only beneath Thwomp's left half to prevent it from falling off the screen.

Related Addresses

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
0x0B14A $01:AF4A Thwomp body tilemap (top, top mirrored, bottom, bottom mirrored) [8E 8E AE AE]
0x0B14E $01:AF4E Watchful Thwomp face [C8]
0x0B18D $01:AF8D Angry Thwomp face [CA]
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