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Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

03 (SP4)



A Thwimp is an enemy that will jump back and forth over a distance. They are only in the castle tileset in original game, although they could be used outside castles. They are recommended through not to be put beside walls, because they can get stuck in the walls. Also, when placed in specific place, a thwimp can clip between 2 blocks of a wall of solid objects (with y-value of 2 or greater) and jump back and fourth between wall and ground.

Thwimps are a smaller version of the Thwomp. Mario can spin-jump off of a Thwimp, but he can not jump on it normally.

Thwimps can be killed with a shell or throw block.

Releated Addresses

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x09E13 $01:9C13 Thwimp Tilemap (upper left, upper left rotated, lower left, lower left rotated) [A2 A2 B2 B2]
x0B1EA $01:AFEA Thwimp juping height (between 80 and FF) [A0]
x0B1F3 $01:AFF3 Thwimp jumping right speed [10]
x0B1F7 $01:AFF7 Thwimp jumping left speed [F0]
x0B1FD $01:AFFD Thwimp sound effect [01]
x0B202 $01:B002 Thwimp stalling timer [40]
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