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August 21, 1996

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Thundahack is a 15-year-old male hacker from Brazil, and a user on SMW Central, being a member for more than three years as of this time. He mainly visits the Forum Games as well as the Talk forum, but he also occasionally check the SMW Hacking-related sub-forums. Some people appear to call him by the short name of "Thunda".


Hacking Life

Early Days

About four years ago, Thundahack was watching some Super Mario World videos on Youtube, when he saw someone talk about a program called Lunar Magic. He searched for it on Google, and found a link to FuSoYa's site, which in turn led him to SMWC, where he lurked for about half a year before joining. Surprisingly, he had never noticed the "Forum" link on the site menu, so that's probably one of the reasons he lurked in the first place.

Later Days

When he first joined the site, Thundahack only posted in the SMW Hacking forums when he had a problem or when he wished to say something on a hack's thread. Later, he started posting on the Talk forum, where he made a lot of posts. Afterwards, he released a demo of his first hack, Luigi's Decision, which was a completely vanilla hack. It now sits on the hack section with an averager score of 8.0, which Thundahack is rather proud of for his first hack.
One day, he became friends with Broozer, and spoke quite a lot with him, but after some time they lost contact. They used to talk about various subjects, and shared criticism and feedback on each other's works. Another one of his friends, who he still talks with to this day, is Jeorge535. Thundahack doesn't remember how they turned friends, tough. While they don't share much in terms of interests, they still talk with each other on friendly terms.

About Right Now

In mid-2009, Thundahack had cut his connections to SMW Hacking, and thought of not never re-establishing them. He had taken a different path, picking up Yoshi's Island Hacking. His YI Hack was his only on-going work. He had received quite a bit of positive feedback when showing off his hack. In early-2010, Thundahack had given up hacking altogether, and left SMW Central. He returned, however, and re-established his connections with Super Mario World and the community once more.


Thundahack is a firm supporter of System in the current System VS Chester War.

Contributions to SMWCentral

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Luigi's Decision

"Luigi's Decision" was Thundahack's first hacking experience. It was a completely vanilla hack, featuring only custom levels, a custom Overworld, custom palettes, and a new story. It received a general score of 8.0, and was approved the first time it was submitted. He planned to remake the hack from the ground up, but has given up on it.

The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles

"The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles" was Thundahack's first Yoshi's Island hacking experience. Thundahack spent many months working on it, but, eventually, stress and a lack of ideas combined, and Thundahack gave up on it.


"Partnership" is a Super Mario World hack that Thundahack is currently working on. It is in its very early stages, as no levels have yet to be completed. Currently, Thundahack is building the hack's Overworld. The hack will present completely custom features, such as Custom Music, Custom Graphics, Custom Blocks, Custom Sprites, ASM Patches, and a completely new story with new characters. These characters are three artificial life-forms: X, Y and Z.

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