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Mario using throw blocks to fight a Big Boo Boss.

Throw blocks look like blueish Turn blocks. Mario can pick up these blocks to activate them. Then he can carry, put down, and throw these blocks to complete a variety of tasks. Throw blocks kill most enemies on contact, and can take out a whole line of opponents. They can also be used to hit other blocks to activate their effects from a distance. Throw blocks will shatter upon contact with a select few sprites and most solid objects, and will disappear in a puff of smoke if active for too long. The only time they're used is in the Big Boo Boss battles and Valley of Bowser 1.


  • Mario can jump off of a throw block while still grabbing it if both A/B and X/Y are pressed on the same frame.
  • When a throw block is carried through a pipe, the timer for when it disappears will stop, and you can carry it for as long as you want.
  • If a throw block is picked up on the frame the Big Boo Boss battle ends, Mario will end up floating in midair at the end.
  • After a throw block is thrown, Mario can spinjump off of it.
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